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Browser:Safari 3.1.2iCab Mobile 2.0Journey Web Browser 1.3VanillaSurf 2.0iNetDual 1.2.0 (see 10/25 update!!)Oceanus 3.0Perfect Browser 2.7MyDesktop 1.01Wide Web with Twitter 2.4Full Screen Web Browser 1.1.1iBrowseTwo 1.1.0 BOLT 4.5Arachnid 1.4.1Air Browser 1.1Mango Browser 1.2.2Magic Browser (iBlueAngel) 2.5Spy – Full View Faux Browser 3.1Multi-Full Browser 1.3.1Mini Browser 1.5BigBrowser+ 1.2fgBrowser (Multitouch) 3.0CaizerWeb 1.1Nightglow web browser 1.0iBrowse2 2.1QuickSurf 1.2
DeveloperAppleAlexander ClaussNathaniel HermanBoris Stock (Twitter; Apptism)Unit KayVikas SinglaVivek Javvaji (Ingenious Creations)Ignacio BononiJinHee ParkEric James / SOPODSMichal WagnerITSTRA TEGISTS .NETBugeyeRPA Tech, INCHyorim KimHung DuongHyo ByunSEUNGHOON YEONAgemarks TechnologiesJonathan GilesMatthias GasserDong-Wook KimSynthereal Co., Ltd.BIC DevelopmentOpher Lieber
Pricen/a$2$2$1$2$1$1 $4$1$1$1$3$2; Lite version (still at 1.3) exists with the restriction of 5 bookmarks at most and no tabs at all$1Free$2 (used to be $5)$2$1Free$1$1$1$3$1$1
iTunes linkn/aiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesiTunesRemoved from iTunes!!
Updated since 6/2009?n/a+ (very frequent updates)++++ (frequent updates)+ (very frequent updates)+- (!)- (!)- (!)+- (!)- (!)+- (!)++++++++Last update: 01/28/2009
Landscape support?+++++++n/a (Landscape-only)+ (it has a dedicated button on the command bar for rotation; that is, rotation isn't based on the accelerometer at all)+- (!)+++++++++++-++
Lock orientation?- +, Lock Orientation in the third group in in-app settings (was in system-level Settings; see Other / Orientation in old versions)+ (available from Settings, which can be accessed by tapping the screen with three fingers or via + / Settings / Lock Orientation)+ + (it, however, locks you into Portrait – you can't lock into Landscape_+ (separate icon on bottom bar; note that it, along with the clean up / settings icon, is only visible in Landscape orientation)+ (separate icon for this on the toolbar - could have been better when put in some kind of a Settings menu)n/a+ (see above)-n/a (no LS mode)++ (in Settings – the icon in the upper left corner)-+ (link menu / Lock Rotation)-+ (in Settings)+ (Settings [Bottom right tools icon] / Lock rotation)+ (separate lock icon for this on the maximized controller) -+ (double swipe upwards)-n/a-+
Tab / multidocument support+++++ (2)+++-- + (2)-+ (not in old, Lite version!)-++-+---+++ (2)-
How many taps to switch between tabs?SeveralGood: one tap to bring up list of tabs, another one to select the wanted one in both full screen and normal mode; starting with 2.0, it even scrolls down to the current tab, should be there more than 5-8 tabs visibleEasy: dedicated prev/next icons or swiping with two fingers left/right; the latter also works in full screen mode. NOTE: it's serial switching only (only to the previous/next, not to any other!)Easy: unlike with the earlier versions (which still had the same awkward tab interface as Safari), the new one has a very similar interface to iCab Mobile. That is, in general, only two taps (and, probably, a quick vertical swipe) is needed.One tap onlyOne tap only (tabs need to be shown with the (in Portrait mode) last-but-one icon in the lower command icon bar first) in the default, “Desktop Browser Style” mode. In the “Table List Mode” (setting available under settings / Tabs), tapping this icon brings up a list of the tabs. This, as of 3.0, seems to be buggy as the list is only displayed once (after you toggle the setting or restart the browser), though1 (tabs always visible unless you explicitly hide them; you may end up having to scroll the tab bar left/right, though)One if the target is visible (e.g., the current window isn't maximized); 4 otherwise (1: tap the lower bar to bring up menu; 2, tap the “normal size / maximize” icon (last but one on the upper right) to switch the maximized window back to normal size), 3, tap the active surface to hide the menu and 4, tap the target window. When you dock the target window (icon on the upper right corner; then, tap the big circle in the bottom center), then, only two – bring up menu and tap the docked icon to switch to.n/an/an/a (Both are concurrently visible)n/a2 (there's a tab list, accessible with one tap only)Good: one tap (and also one tap to bring up the full list of them + another tap to select the page)One (the three tabs have a tap area at the top of the screen)Dedicated arrows (two) on the bottom; no dedicated tab listn/aAll four are visible by default; switching between them takes only few taps (minimizing the actual tab if it's maximized and maximizing another by just tapping its maximize icon)n/an/an/aOne (dedicated "fast forward" icon)One tap only (all tabs visible all the time)n/a (both tabs are visible at the same time)n/a
Closing tabs – how easy it is? Chance of accidental closing?Tabs need to be closed from the tab list by tapping their corner (not very fast but no accidental closing either).Tabs need to be closed using the X on the leftmost part of the tablist. This lets for real quick mass tab elimination, while still not raising the chance of accidental shutdown. (Just make sure you tap the middle or the right when selecting a tab for view)Tab close X icon to the left of the top address bar – one-tap (easy and makes it possible to quickly close a large number of them) / unlikely to be tapped by mistake (great)Tabs can only be closed from the tab list with standard iPhone list left/right swipes or via the Edit / - icon. More time needed to close than in, say, iCab Mobile or Journey. No accidental closing.n/tn/tClose buttons integrated in every desktop browser-like tabs. Much harder to close tabs (sometimes must try to close two-three times) and there's a much higher chance of accidentally closing the tabs.With non-maximized (full screen) windows, the upper left icon (pretty easy to accidentally tap them); with full screen windows, the menu (bottom bar) and the X in the top bar.n/an/an/a (they can't be closed)n/aStandard left/right swipe in the tab list – not very fast, but pretty safeAfter opening at least one additional tab, X icon in the lower right corner – easy to close, not easy to accidentally do this.n/a (not possible to close tabs)Dustbin icon on the lower command bar; easy to both close and accidentally do thisn/an/a (the 2/4 tabs can't be closed – they're fixed. They can be hidden, though; in order to bring a latter tab to the front, go to its local settings and select another tab position in “Window Position”)n/an/an/aGlobal “x” button on the bottom command bar – very easy to close tabs. This, however, also means the accidental closing of bars is very likely. On the dedicated tab list, it's impossible to close tabs. (Note that you can disable the animation played when opening / closing tabs in the system-level Settings: “Effects”)n/tn/tn/a
Open links in background tabs (no need to switch back to continue reading the current page while the other is still loading)-+ (in Settings, “Open tabs in background” must be enabled along with “New tab” as the default target, unless you use a short tap to get to the default context menu)+ (by default, if you long-tap a link and select Open in New Tab there, it'll be opened in the background – excellent!)+ (Settings has a switch (which is, by default, on), “Switch to a new Tab”. If you disable it, the browser doesn't switch to the new tab when you open a link in a new tab. In order to the page content to be loaded, you will need to enable the brand new “Load Tab in Background” option too)----n/an/a-n/a-+ (if you activate the icon in the lower left corner first)- (no inter-tab opening)- (actually, it's impossible to instruct the browser to open pages in a new tab – a major problem!)n/a-n/an/an/a---n/a
Default "open to" definable?-+ (Settings / Open Links to same / other domains)-Excellent: (Settings / Tabs): Open in the same / a new tab etc., this depending on the target URL (whether it's in the same site etc.)----n/an/a-n/a--- (no inter-tab opening)-n/a-n/an/an/a---n/a
Memory use under 3.1.2; how many pages can be opened at the same time; test suite results, 3G (not running anything else, right after a soft reset): About 4; upon loading the fifth, the previous four are all mapped out (exactly like under OS 2.1). No crashes though.Slows down heavily after loading the fifth; exits at trying to open the sixth+; was able to read 8 but crashed after starting to step over them after having finished loading the 8th+; was able to render 5..7 at the same time (depending on the initial free RAM; 7 is for without running SpotLight first); upon trying to load the next one, it crashed. Nevertheless, it's still excellent.n/tNot even 2 (immediately maps out the first upon opening the second) – but, at least, it doesn't crash because of these preemptive measures.n/tn/tn/an/a+n/a-: max. 4 concurrent instances (exactly like Safari) – but, at least, doesn't seem to crash-, even under OS3.0; 1 only (upon loading the second, the first was mapped out)n/tn/tn/an/tn/an/an/a+; was able to read 5 but immediately crashed after starting to step over them after having finished loadingn/tn/tn/a
Memory use, 3G S, 3.1.2All 8 pages are OK; the system didn't shut down them when minimized either14 pages OK (kept in memory); immediately crashes when opening the 15th or 16thAbout 17; then, it exitCouldn't test (crashed on mine)n/tNot even 9 – old pages are mapped outAbout 15 work together OK (albeit, sometimes it takes 1-1.5 seconds to switch between them); crashes upon trying to load the further two-threen/tn/an/an/tn/an/tOne only – VERY poor!n/tn/tn/an/tn/an/an/an/tn/tn/tn/a
Test page loading time (3G S / 3G, in seconds) 6 / 31s11s / 34s14 / 713 first; after that, it pauses a bit and continues loading forever. However, the content is fully downloaded and rendered after 13 secs.n/tn/t7 / 33sn/tn/tn/tn/t6 / 25s3G: 13 / 7 to stop the “loading”sign; however, the full page needed considerably more time to fully load14n/tn/tn/tn/tn/t12 / n/an/t15 / 6n/tn/tn/t
Can you select where to open it in some kind of a runtime context menu?+ (upon long-tapping the link)+ (if you enable this in settings; see “Ask” in Open Links to same / other domains. Note that you need short-taps (and not long ones!) to activate this – long taps access Safari's own menu, without the option to open in new tabs)+: long-tap: “open in new tab” menu+ (excellent: a simple short tap on a link brings up a context menu including Open in New Tab and Download File)+ (see the manual on the usage of the ½ buttons)+ (as usual, upon long-tapping the link)+ (as usual, upon long-tapping the link)+ (long-tap links: “Open in new window”)n/an/aTapping a link in the upper pane brings up the page in the lower one.n/a- (bad!)If Link queue mode is active (see the AppStore help for more on this), all taps on links are queued and only served when you do switch to another tab; that is, you read the current page fully, without having to reload it all the time and just enqueue the links on it.- (no inter-tab opening at all)-n/a-n/an/an/a-+: you can tap an empty tab before tapping a link in the current page / a favorite; then, it'll be opened in there+ (tap the rightmost icon in Portrait mode (and the next-to-rightmost one in Landscape); after this, when you tap a link, a context menu comes up with “Open link in Opposite Window”)n/a
Titles of all tabs easily accessible?-+ (default: tapping the Tabs icon brings up this list)- (only the tab number is shown and you can only iterate over them sequally)+ (much better interface than Safari – vertical, quickly accessible list with titles and icons)n/a (no titles / icons at all)+ (on-screen tabs; must be separately enabled for display)+ (it also includes their icon)- (no tablist, unless you explicitly dock your windows)n/an/a- (not needed, though: both visible)n/a+ (one tap)+ (in the tab list mode)- (titles / icons of inactive tabs aren't visible)- (no tablist at all)n/a- (but you see all the four tabs on the same screen so it's not that big a problem)n/an/an/a+ (Tabs icon (between the “New tab” and the “Fast forward to next tab” icon))n/a (no titles / icons at all)n/a (both visible)n/a
Max. number of tabs8Dozens if not hundreds; however, not all can be open, not even on the 3G SAny82No restrictions – however, memory restrictions “kick in” very soonAnyAny?n/an/a2n/a5 Any3Any?n/a4n/an/an/aAny42n/a
Search: Find in page? If not, compatible with my scriptlet?- / ++ (highlights all occurrences in yellow); accessible via the Search icon and selecting “Search in current page”+ (doesn't mess up markup) / +- / - (scriptlet support is partial)- / ++; scriptlet-based (may mean messed-up HTML code). No prev/next/ scroll to first occurrence.+ (uses a scriptlet in the background and highlights all occurrences; may mess up HTML / CSS markup, though)- / -- / -- / +- / n/a-- / -+: highlights all hits (there's no next / previous button, though)- / n/a (no favorites)---- / n/a- / - (no URL modding support for favorite at all)- / - - / - - / -- / --
Built-in Web search engine support?Google / Yahoo; you can switch between the two in (system-level) Settings / Safari / Search Engine; separate fieldGoogle, Yahoo, Lycos Wiki + eBay; in addition, you can add your own search engines; separate icon and search interfaceGoogleGoogle, dedicated icon to the right of the address barGoogle bookmark provided by default; you can create any additional bookmark (and put its icon next to the address bar if you deem it right)Separate input field; Amazon / Ask / Baidu / Bing / Dictionary / Google / Yahoo; selectable under Settings / Search Engines.Google; separate fieldGoogle (dedicated field in the same GUI page as that of the address bar)Enter words in the address bar; Google / Yahoo / Wiki supported by default; you can also add two other, custom search URL'sGoogle (default homepage)-- (need to go to the Google page – no dedicated search interface)Google (separate icon)Google (separate field)Google (separate field)+ (by default, if you don't prefix your URL's with http(s), it automatically runs a Google search)-Google, Yahoo, flickr, Wiki, Webster, FreeDictionary--Google; preferred language can be changed in system-level settingGoogle (textfield)+ (YouTube / Wiki / Google; separate textfield in the URL menu (upper right icon))Google (separate field)-; the Google bookmark is, however, pre-added
Favorites: Favorite export / import / backup?+ (via iTunes)
  • able to read all the URL's from the system-level Contacts database
  • export / import favorites through the built-in Web interface
  • -+ (built-in Web server with random-generated password)------n/a (it doesn't even support favorites!)---n/a (no user favorites)-n/a (it doesn't even support favorites!)-n/a (it doesn't even support favorites!)-- (favorite list – along with the address and Google bar – accessible via a three-fingered swipe down; add current page and other context menus via a two-fingered swipe down)---- (They're called “Quick Launch” here; it may be possible you can only add few of them)
    Bookmark name editable?+++ (only when adding initially, not afterwards!)+++++++n/a+++n/a- n/a-n/a-+ (only after adding first)+ (when adding; afterwards, no edit capabilities except for deletion)+-+
    URL editable+ (only after adding); compatible with Javascript scriptlets++ (only when adding initially, not afterwards!)+++++++n/a++ (but no scriptlet support)+n/a-n/a-n/a-+ (only after adding)-+-+
    Favorite folders?++-++ (here: “tag”)+----n/a ---n/a+ (only one level: no recursion)n/a-n/a--+---
    Support for dragging-based reorganization?++++- (only deletion is supported)+n/t-- (only three favorites [shortcuts] can be added – see the “123” button [for invocation] and Settings / Shortcut [for adding these URL's])+n/a- (only deleting is possible)+-n/a-n/a-n/a--++++
    Scriptlet support?+, full+, full+ (tested with Bottom, Find and Charsize 18. Note that < and > characters MUST be properly URL encoded; otherwise, Journey just crashes – unlike Safari)Partial: bottom works, charset and find in page doesn't.+ (excellent – by far the best browser in this regard)-+, partial (textsize doesn't work)-- + (tested with Find and 18)n/a (it doesn't even support favorites!)- (puts a http:// before all scriptlets, rendering them all useless)- (puts a http:// before all scriptlets, rendering them all useless)- (“URL can't be shown”)n/a (no user favorites)- (no URL editing; JS links are considered Google search text)n/a (no favorites)-n/a (it doesn't even support favorites)- (not any kind of URL modding support)- (“The URL can't be shown”)- (no URL modding support for favorites; direct javascript URL's in the address field not accepted)-- (non-editable bookmarks and you can only bookmark a “true” webpage)- (puts a http:// before all scriptlets, rendering them all useless)
    History? ++; in addition, it orders them into date-based subfolders+++ (the bottom right button in Favorites)+------++- +---+ (accessible via the Favorites icon)+; in addition, it orders them based on last access date and access count- -+ (accessible under the Favorites icon)- (in the app, "History" only stands for remembering the last opened page)
    URL autocomplete based on history?++++-+n/an/an/an/an/an/a++n/a+n/an/an/a--n/an/a-n/a
    Clear history?+ (in system-level applet)+; also supports private browsing (can be activated from system-level Settings)++ (Options / Clear history)++ (inside Favorites / History / Edit; also accessible via the sandclock icon in Landscape mode)n/an/an/an/an/an/a++ (in the URL autocomplete dialog)n/a+ (Delete button in History – the middle icon in the lowermost row of Magic Wand)n/an/an/a+ (in Settings)-n/an/a+n/a
    Scrolling : Scrolling smoothness?No problemsNo problemsn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tAcceptableAcceptableNot very good3GS: now and then, stutters a bit but not really annoyingn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tAcceptable
    Quick (one-tap) scrolling to top / bottom of document?Top only (tap on the upper ribbon); bottom add-on scriptlet works just greatTop only; bottom: scriptlet works OKTop only; bottom scriptlet worksTop only (when not in full screen)Both (with scriptlets coming built-in)-Top only; bottom: scriptlet works OK--Top only (standard tapping); bottom: my script works--Top only (traditional tapping in non-fullscreen mode)Both: by quickly flicking the phone in either forward or backward. Note that you MUST scroll to the top in order to display the address input bar, which is pretty much annoying as, opposed to Safari (which also uses this approach), the main menu down-arrow is also located here. That is, you can't for example add the current page as a favorite without losing your current position.Top only, traditional tap on the top--Top; if and only if you switch to full screen mode and activate Hide to hide the toolbar at the top-Top only+; disabled by default; both can be (separately) enabled in system-level settings. Then, double taps will work just fine.Top only (standard tapping there)Top only-Top only and in non-fullscreen only
    Accelerometer-based / automatic scrolling?-----Both. Enable them under Settings / Page Scroll / Enable Tilt-scroll and Enable Auto-Scroll. The latter has on-screen icons to increase/ decrease scroll speed / set direction.-------------------
    Quick scrollbar/pad?-; Cydia's QuickScroll works just great, though+ (starting with 2.0; invoke with a triple-tap)----+ (Under the + icon / Activate Hyper Scroll)------------------
    Cookies: Clear cookies?+ (in system-level applet)++ (Settings / Clear cookies on Exit and Private Browsing)+-+ (Sandclock on the bottom toolbar / Clear cache)+ (+ icon / Preferences / Clear Cookies)-+ (Settings / Options at the bottom)------ ----- (only History can be deleted)---+ (by activating Private mode in the system-level Settings)-
    Fine-tuning acceptance?+ (From visited / never / always; settable in system-level applet)---n/a--n/a-n/a-n/an/a-n/an/an/a--n/an/an/an/a--
    Misc.: Interrupting page loading?+++++++ (Stop icon in the lower right corner when loading)++- --+++ (X icon at the bottom right, on the lower command bar)+ (a dedicated icon on the bottom)- -: Not possible to interrupt loading a page - a BIG problem! (Simply tapping Back doesn't work)Partial: only possible while the address bar is visible; becomes impossible when it auto-minimizes itself (very quickly)+- ++++
    Full screen?-: top and bottom bars can't be hidden and aren't even transparent+ (unlike with pre-2.0 versions [with absolutely clear fullscreen] with four transparent icons in the four corners; as of 2.0, they can't be hidden), shaking+: a single tap with two fingers on the screen (also shaking if you enable it in Settings). It's real full screen without anything disturbing (unlike 1.0).+; in full screen, only an icon is visible in the lower right corner- (a shake over the z axis only hides the address bar – the bottom bar [and the system-level state bar at the top] remains)+; small (transparent) bar visible in the lower left corner by default. If you want to hide it and only bring it up with a shake, you can enable this under Settings / Full Screen View / Menu Visibility / Shake to show onlyPartial: only a small, transparent bottom bar (without icons) is visible to allow for redisplaying the full GUI. No shaking.+ (with an about 20-pixel-high transparent bar at the bottom)+ with three transparent icons at the bottom, which can also be disabled in Settings (Settings / Options / Hide icon on full sc…))+ (automatically switches to it); shaking+; shaking (first, however, maximize the pane you'd like to see in fullscreen)+ (Shaking)+: a transparent “return” bug icon is always visible in the bottom right cornerPartial: (transparent) top (system status) ribbon and the tab change / list / control buttons at the bottom are always visible. Shaking often mistaken for the “top” and “bottom” thrusts, which is pretty much annoying.Partial (system-level top bar remains displayed; shake to return)Partial (the system-level top bar remains – and the “magic wand” icon in the top left corner); shaking+; shaking+: only a transparent icon in the bottom right cornerPartial: the control bar on the right is only partially transparent; almost impossible to read anything behind it+ (see the “Hide” button in the upper right corner; almost flawless full screen with a transparent icon in the bottom right corner)+, this is the default mode (tapping on screen with three fingers to switch to Favorites / address inout and swiping with two downwards to access menu. Swiping with two fingers left/right equates to Back / Forward.)+; shaking. True full screen. Partial: the uppermost system status bar will remain visible (invoke via triple-fingered swipe upwards)+ (only a transparent icon remains in the lower right corner)+; real full screen; shaking (also an icon to go to full screen), unless you explicitly disable it in Settings / Advanced FullScreen.
    Remembers last visited page(s) upon relaunching?+; does store in RAM memory+; can be disabled in system-level settings+ (can be disabled by enabling "private browsing")+ (can be disabled in Settings: Tabs / Save Tabs) + (both)+ (including all tabs)+ (must be enabled: + / Preferences / Restore Last Session)+ (reloads all of them; you can't configure it to only reload, say, the last active / selected one)- (can be enabled at Settings / Options / Open last page on…)- (you can, however, set it as your homepage before exiting)+-++- +---++-+ (only the current one)-+ (can be disabled in Settings: History)
    Interaction with Safari (passing a link to / receiving a link from) / Mailn/a / + (+ / Mail Link to this Page)+ (passing only)Both; as a plus, in addition to the usual "Open link in Safari" supported by other browsers, you can go backwards, by just putting the journey: prefix in front of the current URL in SafariBoth, + (passing only)BothBoth+ (passing only: + / Open page in Safari) / + (+ / Mail Link to this Page)-Both + (passing only) (and also Twitter with freetext in addition to the URL auto-filled with the browser)Both + (passing only)+ (passing only)+ (passing only)+ (passing only)-Both + (passing)-Both + (passing only); see the Tools menuBoth + (passing only)Both; + (passing only)Both + (passing only)+ in both directions; from Safari, after adding a quick link to fgPrivate:/// as is explained in the blog of the developerBoth + (passing only)-Both+ (passing only)
    User-Agent faking?-+ (accessible in system level menu: Browser ID; 10 pre-defined U-A's incl. Safari (iPhone / Mac), Firefox 3 and Opera 9.6 (Win/Mac), IE 6…8)+ (from Settings; all four major desktop browsers are supported and a Custom setting, in addition; in this regard, it's unique)--------+ (Strip / bolt icon / enable Browser Poser; Opera Mobile 9.51; Firefox 3 (Win/Mac), IE 6…8)----+ (tap the “Spy” label in the bottom center; Opera Mobile 9.51; Firefox 3 (Win/Mac), IE 6…8)--------
    Download manager?-; however, “Safari Download Plug-in” (free) and "Safari Download Manager" (commercial) in Cydia (on strictly jailbroken devices) works just great. Please see the 02/Aug/2009 update for the former and THIS on the latter.+ excellent (multithread; resume; delete; run)-+ (new in 2.0); downloaded files can be viewed and transferred via the Web server interface; webpages can also be downloaded as plain files (and, then, rendered)---------------+: good: it, in addition to passing the files to the native viewer (as is the case with the other browsers), can also store files in the local file system and allows for a Wi-Fi client access these files via a Web browser. Nevertheless, it's unable to download unsupported files (ZIP, WMV etc.)-----
    View source?--+ (with the view-source: prefix in front of the URL – excellent!)----------------------
    Web compression service usage?-++ (Settings / Fast Browsing)---n/t------------------
    Can image loading be disabled?-; however, Cydia has the free ImaSafari, which does exactly this (see UPDATE (10/19/2009) for more info on installing / using)+ (Settings / Display Images)-+ (Options / Load Images)--------------------+ (this is the default - "Quick" - mode; you can quickly switch between the two on the bottom-most bar)
    Offline browsing?-++ (when there's no active Internet connection, shows the last-rendered state of the page being current when you last exit the app – just like iCab)+; but only the tabs that were opened when exiting the last time-----------+ if you use web page saving (nevertheless, no images / styles)---------
    Save web pages?-+ (by saving them as a file - plese see the section starting with "Also note that, unlike the download manager in iCab Mobile or VanillaSurf, you can’t download a Web page" HERE for an illustrated tutorial)- (however, you can easily mass-select the contents of the source window – see the view-source: prefix –, and, then, you can already save it as a standalone file)+ (see the download manager-related section; - plese see the section starting with "Also note that, unlike the download manager in iCab Mobile or VanillaSurf, you can’t download a Web page" HERE for an illustrated tutorial)-----------+ (see + in the bottom right icon in the magic wand menu), but only HTML, no style files or even images. They are saved as original HTML files in the home directory of the app.---+ by simply tapping the Download icon while in a page. You can, then, both view the page (from inside the built-in file editor) and fetch it from another computer; the latter unlike with the other “save page”-capable browser, Magic Browser (iBlueAngel) 2.5.-----
    Auto forms fill-in?- (2.2.1) / + (3.0+); disabled by default; see (the system-level) Settings / Safari / AutoFill. A little more restricted than iCab Mobile (the, currently, only other browser supporting autofill) as the latter can remember the entered text in all fields of a given form. On the other hand, it can auomatize filling in personal info, which iCab Mobile is incapable of.+; works great on eBay-----------------------
    Input keyboard: the one with “.com”?+++++-+++; can be disabled (Settings / Options / URL Type's keyboard)++++++-++; you can switch between it and the .com-less one right here with the “Switch keyboard” icon+++++++
    Ad filtering?+ (only popup filtering; no manually editable filters, unlike in iCab Mobile)+ (disabled by default; filters can be manually edited: Edit Filters in Tools)-+ (disabled by default; Settings / Ad-Blocker)-+ (can be enabled and fine-tuned under Settings / URL Filters)-------------------
    Other remarks?-Frequent crashes under pre-OS3; with OS3, it's much more stable.n/t-Mass image download capabilities (see bullet 2 of the 10/24/2009 UPDATE for more info)n/t-n/t---n/t-You can't display the top menu / navigation interface w/o fully scrolling up - use quick flicking to quickly do this Really bad...---it doesn't even support favorites - really bad--n/t-n/t-
    General verdict?With OS3 (a MUST upgrade) it has become pretty usable and a decent alternative to most 3rd party titles, particularly with the third-party (Cydia) add-ons and my scriptlets.The best!Pretty good and capable; however, I still think iCab Mobile is more worth the money particularly because Journey still has some missing features (e.g., a tab list)The new version is indeed great. Too bad the scriptlet support isn't that good – neither charset setting nor in-page text search work, unlike in most alternatives. While the scriptlet support is excellent and the mass image download is unique, in general, this browser is still much worse than iCab Mobile.While the development progress is promising, it in no way as nice as iCab MobileFrom a weak contender, it has become one of the best browsers – still, iCab Mobile is decidedly betterYou might want to check it out – the basic idea is nice. However, it seriously lacks for example scripting support to implement some of the really missing features; for example, scrolling to top/botton or finding text in page.Weak. Don't bother – unless you want to announce the URL of the Web pages you're reading as quickly and easily as possible.Not recommended unless you absolutely need a full screen browser and don't want to go the iCab / Journey / VanillaSurf wayReally-really incapable: not even landscape is supported and seems to be abandoned. Don't bother.Avoid it – it's not even worth $1, let alone $3Pretty mediocre and, it seems, no longer actively developed – go for something else.Don't bother:
  • seems to be an abandoned project (no updates since June)
  • VERY bad memory handing, even on the 3G S
  • complete lack of scriptlet support
  • generic lack of features
  • lack of real full screen
  • An absolute disaster. Don't even think of getting it – not even for free.For OS 3.0+ users, there is not any point in going for this (otherwise, pretty mediocre and - even at $2 - overpriced) title any more as copy / paste is already supported on the OS level – and this browser makes it impossible to access it. In addition, the browser itself is pretty mediocre and is in no way worth the price.A disaster. Don't bother.Very weak – don't botherDon't bother – it's really bad.Poor. Now that several other titles sport a download manager, there is no point in getting this title any more.Very poor – don't botherDon't bother – it's just not as good as iCab Mobile, Journey, VanillaSurf, Safari or OceaniusReally poor, don't bother – in no way worth the $3Really poor, don't botherDon't bother, particularly now that it has been removed from AppStore.