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Universal? If not, price of iPhone version (if exists)+ (with iOS4+ on iPhone / iPod Touch)- / $1- / -+- / -- / $2-- / -- / -- / -- / -- / -- / -- / -- / $4- / -- / -- / -++++- / -+- / $5- / $5+- / -+
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Pricefree$1.00. The iPad version has all the down/uploader modules (e.g., FTP). They need to be purchased separately for the iPhone version ($1 each; in-app purchase)free$2$1$4$1$6; free version (TagDisk HD) displays ads; there doesn’t seem to be any other difference$1$1$1 (there’s a free lite version without “Jump to page” functionality; otherwise, it’s equally bad and non-recommended)Free (with in-app purchase [$1], you can get the full version, which allows for any number of books [the free version only allows for one] simultaneously stored on the iPad.)$1$1Freefree$10.00free$2; also has a lite version (2.0, last update: 12/05/2009 and only compatible with the iPhone)free$1$2$2 (in-app purchase); lite version is restricted to 3 files only and lacks quick repositioning$3$5$5.00$1.00$1.00$12
Current version rating4/2304 / 19354 / 203.5 / 93 / 113.5/1214/158n/e4 / 125 (dev is cheating – check out the Remark row!)n/en/en/en/e3/102 / 683.5 / 734 / 962.5 / 272.5 / 6 4/125 / 73 / 432 / 584 / 842.5 / 674.5/263.5 / 183n/e3.5 / 377
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Search: + with page / hit list+, with history---+ with page / hit list-----++ with hit list; major problem: doesn’t highlight the hits!---+ (remembers last entry)--+ (with a list of hits. With unofficial / your own PDF files, it doesn't highlight hits; with ones downloaded from it, it does.)-----+-+-
- Next- (use hit list)+ (Up / Down / Stop icons displayed)n/an/an/a- (hit list is perfectly usable tho)n/an/an/an/an/a+- (use hit list)n/an/an/a+n/an/a+ (both the on-screen hit list and .../Next)n/an/an/an/an/a+n/a-; however, a list with the number of occurrences on each page presentedn/a
- Previous- (use hit list)+n/an/an/a- (hit list is perfectly usable tho)n/an/an/an/an/a-- (use hit list)n/an/an/a+n/an/a+ (the on-screen hit list only – no dedicated Previous)n/an/an/an/an/a+n/a(see above)n/a
Automatic / configurable page cropping: -+-n/a (converted text view only!)- (three-fingered single taps don’t crop, just fit the page in the available screen estate)-------------------Automatic (instead of non-existent zooming); works very well----
Odd and even pages differentlyn/a+n/an/a (converted text view only!)n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a (automatic, can't manually set up)n/an/an/an/a
Remembers separate settings for different books?n/a+, even via restartsn/an/a (converted text view only!)n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Scrolling: Quick scroll+ (horizontal scrollbar at bottom with mini page thumbnails – pretty cool and the thumbnails are generated quickly and are cached in the file system)+ (vertical scrollbar on left)+ (horizontal scrollbar at bottom)+ (horizontal scrollbar at bottom)+ (horizontal scrollbar at bottom)+ (vertical scrollbar on the right)----+ (horizontal scrollbar at bottom)+ (horizontal scrollbar at bottom)+ (horizontal scrollbar at bottom)--+ (horizontal scrollbar at bottom)-- (only via thumbnail view – very slow at first loading!)- (not even to the beginning by tapping the status bar)+ (scrollbar at bottom)-+ (thumb must be enabled manually)+ (slider under top right page number button; enabled in Pro version only)+ (slider at the bottom)+ (slider at the bottom)+ (knob on the right)-+ (scrollbar at bottom with page number)- (not even in page outline view)
Direct page number entering- (scrollbar perfectly usable tho)+ (icon with # on it)- (scrollbar perfectly usable tho)-- (scrollbar perfectly usable tho)+ (icon in the upper right corner)+ (right menu / Jump to page)---+ (top right, “Page” button)- (scrollbar perfectly usable tho)- (scrollbar perfectly usable tho)--+ (dedicated button in the top right) + (at a pretty illogical location: tap on the current tab / Navigate / Go to page)- (only via thumbnail view)-- (scrollbar perfectly usable tho)+ (“Jump” icon at the center bottom)- (and thumb doesn't display page number)- (page number is displayed with slider, though)- (slider displays page number)- (slider displays page number)- (no problem though – scrollbar also displays page numbers)+ (right menu / Jump to page)-+ (2nd / center icon; also, under the same icon, separate icons for jumping to the beginning / end)
Scrolling must be done by…Left / right tap zones or swipingLeft/right tap or swipeLeft/right tap or swipe gestureUp/down tap zones (can be reconfigured to use left/right instead) + up/down draggingLeft / right tap zonesPage dragging or icons on the upper taskbar + tap zones, can be enabled in SettingsUp/down swipes / tap areas to swap pagesUp/down draggingUp/down draggingLeft/right swipingLeft/right swipingLeft/right swiping and tap areasLeft/right swiping (in default Quartz 2D mode; if you switch to Safari mode, then, continuous up/down dragging [and you lose all the additional goodies like outline or highlights]) in non-zoomed-in state; with zoomed in, only the non-fullscreen arrow buttons in the lower left/right corners Up/down draggingUp/down drag or icons in the upper leftLeft/right tapSwiping up/down; no touch fields or dedicated arrow icons (could be better!)Only forward navigation (downwards gesture or tap at the bottom) unless you use the thumbnail view Up/down gestures – no tab areasLeft/right taps or swipes. Only works when not zoomed in at all – that is, you must zoom out to be able to scroll. This is a big pain in the back)Up/ down swipes or, in non-fullscreen mode, the up/down icons in the bottom leftup/down swipe only (no touch areas)Left/right touch zonesLeft/right touch zones + swiping gesturesLeft/right touch zonesUp / down swipe or tap zonesUp/down swipes / tap areas to swap pagesleft/right tap / swipeVery poor – via icons only, not any kind of gesture / tap zone-based page switching (only drag-based scrolling when zooming in)
Lockable vertical / horizontal position when scrolling horizontally / vertically with gestures (as opposed to taps)-+ (the last-but-one icon on the right in article view; inactive when not zoomed in. It’s active only when you have vertical swipe activated. It is automatically disabled when you select horizontal swiping and/or double page layout, because it doesn't make much sense under these conditions.)-n/a (text view)-+ (“Lock” button)Vertical scrolling; lockable horizontal position in the right menu. (Setting not remembered over restarts.)+ (doesn’t need to be enabled; it’s in effect all the time. It doesn’t disable panning the page, though – excellent!)-n/a (no zoom)----+ (doesn’t need to be enabled; it’s in effect all the time. It doesn’t disable panning the page, though – excellent!)-+ (last icon in the bottom toolbar)n/a (no way to zoom in)--+ (doesn’t need to be enabled; it’s in effect all the time. It doesn’t disable panning the page, though – excellent!)+ (doesn’t need to be enabled; it’s in effect all the time. It doesn’t disable panning the page, though – excellent!)n/a (no way to zoom in)-n/a (no zooming possible)+ (doesn’t need to be enabled; it’s in effect all the time. It doesn’t disable panning the page, though – excellent!)Vertical scrolling; lockable horizontal position in the right menu. (Setting not remembered over restarts.)--
Possible to scroll zoomed in in the same page by taps (to avoid vertical / horizontal mismatch?)- (no tap zones for in-page scrolling)+, works as expected (one tap to go to the bottom, next tap to the top of the next page etc. – in the non-default vertical swipe mode. With the default Horizontal Swipe mode, the tap at the bottom to switch page doesn’t work – you need to tap on the right. It, however, will take you to the left side of the next page, meaning you’ll still end up having to manually [with swipe gestures] scroll right)- (no up/down tap, only to move to the prev/next page)n/a (text view)- (no up/down taps)- (while the app supports tap zones, it still doesn’t support going down to the bottom of the page)+ (albeit you won’t see anything you’ve been reading)- (no tap zones)- (no tap zones)n/a (no zoom)- (no tap support)- (no up/down taps, only for page changing)- (no up/down taps)- (no tap zones)--- (swiping only)n/a (no way to zoom in)- (can only scroll by swiping)- (only swiping works)Only in non-fullscreen mode, using the up/down icons in the bottom left. (No tap areas.)- (only swiping works)n/a (no way to zoom in)- (touch points are left/right only)n/a (upon using the auto-crop zoom where vertical scroll may be needed, as the horizontal size of the page is the same as that of the screen, no drifting is possible. Scrolling can only be done via up/down swiping.)+ (works as desktop PDF readers – excellent)+ (albeit you won’t see anything you’ve been reading)- (you must swipe [with two fingers] to scroll inside a page)- (dragging only)
Continuous scrolling (possible to see the bottom of previous page / the top of the next one)?-- / pairs of pages only visible in Landscape mode, fully zoomed out (that is, full pages are visible); adjacent pages can only be seen if you keep switching between “Double Pages” and “Double Pages With Front Cover” modes (the latter increases page indexes by one). When switching to Horizontal scrolling mode (in file list, Settings / Viewing PDF Files / Horizontal Swipe, in “Single page” mode, not possible to display two pages at the same time without manually positioning in between the pages)- / adjacent pages only visible in Landscape mode, fully zoomed out (that is, full pages are visible)-; however, you can explicitly tell the app the percentage of overlapping (see Settings / Tap Zone / Lines Visible From Previous Page)-+ (default and only scrolling mode)+ (default – and only – mode)+ (default and only scrolling mode)+ (default and only scrolling mode)---- (only if you switch to Safari rendering mode and also lose almost all the additional goodies: outline etc.)+ (default and only scrolling mode)+ (default and only scrolling mode)- (can’t even display adjacent [or two] pages in Landscape)+ (default and only mode)- (only one [Portrait] or, in Landscape, two even-odd [not just adjacent] pages can be displayed at a time)+ (there isn’t a way NOT to scroll in this mode)- (in Landscape, only one page is displayed, too)+ (default and only scrolling mode)+ (default and only scrolling mode)- / - (only one page is displayed at a time, in Landscape too, when the list of loaded books is displayed in the remaining screen estate)- / + in Landscape mode (zoomed out). There, you can switch between even and odd pages with the second icon; this means you can always display any two pages side by side you want to see--+ (default – and only – mode)--
Sending: Send by mail?-+---++-------+-+--+ (also can be shared via Facebook and Twitter)-+-+-+++ (from frontpage icon-based view, rightmost icon; not visible in traditional Details list view)+
„Open in” source?-+ (from the file list view, Manage Files / select the file / Open In... at the bottom center)--------------+ (tap on current tab / Share … / Open in… Note that it doesn’t transfer annotations / bookmarks - you must use the desktop iTunes to transfer them)----- (In File List, the double arrow / Open In only refers to built-in viewer types)---+ (arrow icon, Open in...)-+ (from frontpage view, rightmost icon)+ (via Details page – see icon „i”)
Receiving files: Registers itself as PDF reader for „Open in”?-++-++---++-----+------+-+-++
File Sharing support- (can be, of course, synched through Books – of course, this isn’t as fast as File Sharing)++++++--+++++-++++++-+++++++
Built-in Wi-Fi server: HTTP-+++-++----- (FTP only)- (FTP only)-----+ (in addition to HTTP, it also supports FTP. However, in my tests, I wasn’t able to access the latter – flaky implementation?)-++-+-++--
Direct download from Web?-+ (Web Downloads in the file list: direct URL + built-in Web browser)-+ (has a Web server)-+ (built-in Web browser)+ (with a Web browser & download manager)+ (both direct URL and built-in Web browser with download manager, with resuming support. Note that the easiest way of downloading is letting the system render the PDF file and, then, tapping the “down” arrow from inside. You can also tap-and-hold PDF links, select “Copy” from the context menu and, then, switch to the “Downloads” tab, select Enter URL and paste the URL there)+ (the only way to access PDF files)--+ (no Web browser though – only direct URL)- (promised for future versions)--+ (Web browser built-in with download capabilities)+ (built-in Web browser)---+ (web browser built-in)--+ (second icon in list view; it even has a built-in Web browser. The latter also has local favorite support.)-+ (Web browser built-in [Browser from the main menu on the left])+ (with a Web browser & download manager)--
Direct access of POP3 / IMAP mailboxes to search for documents? -+ (with some even pre-configured: Gmail, (paid) Yahoo,, Hotmail, AOL)-----------------------+ ([Attachments / Add]; preconfigured: Gmail, (paid) Yahoo,, Hotmail, AOL)---
FTP client?-+ (tested with resources; don’t forget to enter something (e.g. ‘anon’) with anon FTP sites) ---------------------------
Others?Should be able to be invoked on mail attachments. This, however, simply didn’t work with me – and a lot of other people (see THIS)WebDAV, Google Docs,,, use the image library to import images from & convert them into PDFCan import photos (e.g., of text pages) from the photo library and assemble them into a PDF file, which, then, can even be moved back to the desktop. Excellent and unique!----FTP server; in my tests, it worked just fineFTP server; in my tests, it worked just fine-----Google Docs--Send via Bluetooth (to the same app; of course, not OBEX) didn’t work between my iOS4 3GS and iPad, neither jailbroken---WebDAV, Google Docs,,, and Readdle’s own 512M storageCan import photos (e.g., of text pages) from the photo library and assemble them into a PDF file, which, then, can even be moved back to the desktop. Excellent and unique!-Google Docs, SugarSync,
Library handling: Folder support (to help separate titles)-+ (in the GUI: Manage Files / New Folder; then, select the files to move, cut them, step into the target directory and tap the Paste button)---++ (use cut/paste to paste files there)----+, visible from FTP / File Sharing- (promised for future versions)-----+ (both at uploading – on the uploading desktop – and on the iPad)--- (there’re predefined folders for separate media types though)---+ ([Documents / Edit [button at upper right]/Settings [button at upper left in the Documents pane] / Create Folder; moving is done via the dedicated “Move” icon in Edit mode and not Cut / Paste utilized by most other readers) + (use cut/paste to paste files there)--
Possible to rearrange the order of the titles in the library?+ (both in icon and standard list view)----+ (standard drag zones)------ (no way of moving books to folders straight on the device – books must be re-transferred via FTP or iTunes File Transfer) --------+--+ (via Edit, which switches to the traditional, rearrangable-by-dragging list view)-----
Auto-sorting by…-Name; can’t be disabledName; can’t be disabledAuthor / Title / Date in addition to the date of last accessName-NameName (with different types grouped together)NameName / Date of Addition NameNameNameNameNameName / Date, switchableName; can’t be disabledName; can’t be disabledName; can’t be disabledTitle / Author names and groups (there are three of the latter; you can assign your own PDF file to any of the three groups)-NameName / Date-Title and ordering by the date of last access. The latter is pretty useful and pretty much missing from most other titles.Name / Date / Size / Type (settable in Documents / Edit [button at upper right]/Settings [button at upper left in the Documents pane])NameName / Recently Opened / Recently Added (in non-default Detail view – see the second icon in the upper left); the two being pretty nice.Name / Last modified / Size / Type (icon in the bottom center)
Making use of the full screen estate in Landscape by showing two adjacent pages?-+ (must be explicitly enabled: 5th icon, “Double Pages”)+n/a (text view)---- (and it doesn’t even have full screen)- (and it doesn’t even have full screen)-- (file list will always be displayed on the left)+-- (file list will always be displayed on the left)-- (one page only)-+ (Only mode)- (one page only)----------
Built-in access to online PDF / ePubrepositories?+ (Store button in the upper left corner)-Some oriental one with very few (6 or 7) titles; no additional repos can be added. (Use the book icon in the far left to gain access.)-----------This is the only way of transferring files to the app. It has support for PDF lookup but it’s very rudimentary and way worse than that of Stanza.----+ (excellent: under Get books [second tab on the tab bar], the Catalog bar, tons of easily downloadable books. Also, other Web sources can be added to the list. There’s also support for searching for shares in the neighbourhood.)---------
Search for strings in titles / bodies?Titles (in List view)Titles only (Find Files [second horizontal tab on the upper right] / By name)It allows users to add tags to each document, and filter the list based on tags.--Titles only? (There’s a title search icon [top left] in the dir view; however, it just didn’t seem to work OK)---Titles only-Titles only---+ / +, really excellent and blazingly fast! In addition, you can add tags to any PDF file to make searching easier.--------+ (title only)? (There’s a title search icon [top left] in the dir view; however, it just didn’t seem to work OK)Titles only (in List Details view – see above)Titles only (icon in the bottom left corner)
Automatic groups?-Recently read / added (“Recently” is 2 weeks by default; can be changed in Settings / General Settings / “Recently” means). “Read” flag can be en/disabled under Manage Files.-- (Recently Opened Books list)------------Annotated / Recent / Unread / New Docs / Favorites-------- (apart from the Recent ordering explained above)--- (apart from the two Recent orderings)-
Misc.: Remembers last file / position in it?+ / +- (by default; can be enabled under General / Reopen last file) / +-/+-+- / ++ / +--+ / ++ / ++ / +- / +-++ / ++- / -- / -+ (can be disabled)- / --+++ (in Recent view) / + (but doesn’t load it automatically, upon restart)+ / + (auto-open can be disabled)+ / ++ (in Recent view) / + (but doesn’t load it automatically, upon restart)+
Zoom allowed?+++n/a (text view)+++++-+ (note that, if you do zoom in, the program will not make the text / graphics crisper – it’ll plain zoom into the previously rendered, low-res image. In this regard, it’s way inferior to (most of?) the alternatives++++++-++++-+Not manually – upon double-tapping the screen, it automatically crops. It works very well and is excellent. ++++
Copy text-+ (switch to reflown text mode; then, the fourth icon at the bottom. It copies entire pages.)--------------+ (doesn’t use the system’s standard text selector but uses a “select while touching” approach; multiple selection possible. Easy to use and reliable.)--+ (albeit a bit clumsy: it, first, via a long tap, dumps all the text of the current page [with unofficial PDF’s] / the current paragraph to a temp page; it's there that you can highlight / search for definition)-----+ (Most of the advanced functionalities like these only accessible in the (default) Readdle PDF Expert view mode and not in „iPhoneOS viewer” (see Settings / View PDF in).)-+-
Text reflow (mostly for the iPhone)-+-+ (default [and only] mode)--------+------+ (long tap, a secondary, small window for display; because of size, pretty hard to use. With officially downloaded files, it only lists the current paragraph and is, therefore, not recommended. Use the built-in font size increase/decrease icons instead – they work just great with officially downloaded stuff – but not at all with other PDF files.)-----+ (via Arrow icon / Text Reflow; left from +)---
Turn down brightness+ (the best of all as it directly decreases screen brightness, while all the other brightness setting-capable apps just make white more black. This means far better readability & contrast)+ (first icon on left; two states only; can be adjusted in Settings)+ (dedicated slider)+ (color inversion only)-- (“Night” button; in Settings, an additional slider)+ (fine-tunable in system-level Settings – that is, not from inside)----+ (last-but-one icon in the lower right corner)----+ (Settings / Interface / Screen Brightness)--+ (downwards gesture; it even supports color negation [white => black etc.] via the third icon)---+ (in-app)--+ (fine-tunable in system-level Settings – that is, not from inside)--
Page thumbnail view+ (very slow to generate compared to Folio – about the same speed as Bookman)----------+, very fast to generate, unlike with, say, Bookman.-----+ (very slow to generate though and prone to crash - at least it caches, which survives restarts)--+ (here called as “Outline” and accessible in the half right. Way faster and better than that of Bookman.)-------+ (pretty useless compared to the other thumbnail-capable apps: only two /three thumbnails visible at a time in Landscape / Portrait)
Access to TOC-+ (7th Book / Favorites icon) -Supposed to have; however, it didn’t work with any test books (unlike with most other titles)-++--+-+ (upper right icon)+ (albeit buggy, also admitted by th developer)---+ (current tab / Navigation… / Outline…)- (similar only via thumbnail view) -+ -- (!)- (!)+- (!)+++- (!)
Bookmarks? Pages only or any word / expression?+, pages+ (favorites [7th] icon / Add Bookmark) / Page only-+, pages+, pages+, pages+ (left menu / Add / View Bookmark)-+ (page)--+ (page)+ (page)---+, any word (tap the word for at least 0.3s and lift your finger / Bookmark; standardized format visible in other readers)--+, pages+, pages--+ (page)-+ (any word; several on the same page)+ (left menu / Add / View Bookmark)+ (it refers to highlighted text as bookmarks)-
Clickable external hyperlinks?-+--------------+--------+-+-
Inner, clickable image / table / page hyperlinks?-+-------+------+--------+-+-
Full screen modePartial (status bar remains visible)+ (no annoying icons / status bar; automatically switches to this mode)+Partial (status bar remains visible)-Partial (status bar remains visible)+ (no status bar, no icons; switch back with a single tap)--Partial (status bar remains visible)-Partial (status bar remains visible)Partial (status bar remains visible)--Partial (status bar remains visible)Partial (with status bar)Partial (status bar remains visible)-++Partial (status bar remains visible)- Partial (status bar remains visible)Partial (status bar remains visible)Partial (status bar and page scroller knob still visible)+ (no status bar, no icons; switch back with a single tap)Partial (status bar still visible)+ (switching back with a tiny, always-visible icon)
Highlight / annotate text------------+; definitely inferior to iAnnotate, though:
  • doesn’t write back to files in a standardized way
  • they’re always visible, unlike how better annotator apps do
  • a note / highlighting will only be displayed in the same orientation (LS / Portrait) and, what is worse, the same zoom level. If you zoom in/out just a little bit, all the highlights will be gone
  • highlights are tied to the actual screen coordinates and not that of the underlying document – actually, this is what the previous bug is caused by
  • ---+: this is what you should purchase the app for… - excellent!--+ (with books downloaded from the built-in library sources, it works wonderfully: tap-and-hold the text; the given paragraph will be highlighted and, then, dumped to the text view window; there, the word your finger is currently on is selected. With PDF’s from other sources, I’ve got far worse results; sometimes the extracted text was complete garbage.) -----+ (tap-and-hold text; select Highlight from Copy / paste menu. Doesn't actually update the PDF file – highlighting isn't visible in other PDF readers. Previous highlighting can be cleared.)-+ (see remarks with Readdle – the same developer)-
    Page pre-caching to speed up rendering setting?-+ (enabled by default – settings -> PDF Files -> Pre-cache adjacent pages) – VERY fast! Excellent!-; however, it’s considerably faster than, say, PDF Comrade. (THis has also been affirmed by the dev- the app indeed caches the previous / next page.)-- (pretty ugly page switching)- (good but still not as fast as that of Goodreader)- (not very fast)-- (this is by far the worst app when it renders local PDF files. Interestingly, remote (Web-based) files are rendered far quicker. There’s something fundamentally wrong with the file access code.)- (pretty fast though)- (slow – about the same speed as PDF Comrade)- (pretty fast though)- (pretty fast though)- (not very fast)- (pretty fast though)- slowish page loading- (not very fast – definitely slower than eg. GoodReader)+ (thumbnail generation & paging runs in background)-; however, it’s considerably faster than, say, PDF Comrade-; however, it’s considerably faster than, say, PDF Comrade-; heavily stutters when scrolling quickly-; heavily stutters when scrolling quickly-; however, it’s considerably faster than, say, PDF Comrade. (Also confirmed by developer: both next and previous pages are pre-cached.)-; however, it’s considerably faster than, say, PDF Comrade-; however, it’s considerably faster than, say, PDF Comrade- (a bit slower than some other readers but still faster than, say, PDF Comrade)- (not very fast)- (pretty fast)- (middle-of-the-road: I’ve seen both faster and slower titles)
    Keep multiple documents opened at the same time -; however, switching back and forth is pretty fast------Two with a trick: display a local file from the Files tab and an online file from the Browse (here: “Borwse”) tab. This works fine.--------+------; however, documents are cached in memory and kept open until an internal limit is reached. This allows fast switching back to a previous document.------
    Dictionary support-------------------+ (built-in dictionary [… / Dictionary] with direct word entering; alternatively, tap-and-hold a word and, when the text dump is presented, tap the “Define” button. When dumping works, that is.)---------
    Final remarkWhile this has its advantages (the [alleged] Mail integration and, most importantly, the
  • access to iTunes Store
  • the ability to decrease brightness in a much better way than any other PDF reader,
    it’s decidedly pretty weak: no link support, no text copy, no annotations / highlighting, no cropping, not even support for TOC. That is, if you don’t use it for reading mail attachments (remember: you can use some other PDF apps to access your POP3/IMAP mailboxes!), use it for reading in the night. Otherwise, go for something better if you need advanced capabilities (or even TOC support).
  • Apart from the lack of highlighting / annotation and the somewhat inferior text copying, without doubt the best, particularly if you also take the price into account. A MUST buy! Note that it also supports VGA out and rotating entire files (for incorrectly rotated scans)Pretty nice for free – better than a lot of commerical titles. Note that it also remembers the page-turning direction (western vs. eastern) for each book separately, which is very important to read Japanese comics.Avoid it. The textual formatting fully eradicates layout info. One of the worst titles. Only usable on the low-res iPhone where textual viewing is preferable in most cases.Avoid it. Really poor.Good; however, I still miss – most importantly - link and text copy support.Not bad for the price, particularly if you need folder / image import & PDF assembly support, the latter being unique. Unless you can’t live with the problems (non-clickable links etc.) Almost the same as PDFReader 2.1 by YUYAO. Don’t purchase both! One of the worst titles – particularly for $5, it’s probably THE worst. Don’t even think of getting it – unless you need to use the two-files-open-at-the-same-time hack.What a letdown – particularly because of the unbelievably bad rendering speed of local files. Don’t be misled by the good rating – this title is probably the worst commercial title. Actually, it’s worth checking out the US remarks – the 5 star ones (along with a 4 star one) have all been posted on 06/14 from users named using the same pattern (name-number). Yes, the developer is cheating really bad. AVOID!Not very good – there’re definitely better titles for the same priceDon’t bother – this title is pretty bad.If you do need thumbnails and/or FTP support (as opposed to HTTP) and/or folders and/or in-text searching, this title can be considered – these are the strengths of it. A nice attempt at adding textual notes and highlights – but still a long way away from iAnnotator. Warning:
  • the screen flickers badly when moving into/out of full screen. This is REALLY annoying.
  • some options are missing from the Settings dialog in Portrait mode – must be used in Landscape!
  • Don’t bother – this title is really bad.Best to avoid – use Stanza for accessing online libraries.Not recommended – there’re way better free alternativesIf you want to 1, annotate your PDF files 2, run extensive searches or 3, need to keep several files opened simultaneously, this is by far the best. Otherwise, for GoodReader instead, which is, in general, better for reading (and is an order of magnitude cheaper).Poor, not recommendedPoor, not recommendedGreat when you want to access online, free PDF files with little effort. Not so great with your own PDF files, particularly if dumping the text doesn’t work. While it has some nice features (e.g., able to see the end and the beginning of two consecutive pages with locked scrolling), GoodReader is far more powerful – for the same price. Very poor for the price; stay awayA bit on the weak side; however, version 1.1 promises a lot of goodies (e.g., two-page landscape display, zoom / cropping, search, and fullscreen support; search is planned for 1.2).Mediocre for the priceRather featureless for the price. Its only advantages are the intelligent zoom and the Recent ordering; hope these features will soon be implemented in other PDF readers too.Pretty nice – it has both pros and cons compared to GoodReader. A title to consider. Not bad for the price, particularly if you need folder / image import & PDF assembly support, the latter being unique. Unless you can’t live with the problems (non-clickable links etc.) Almost the same as PDF Reader 1.1 by Kdan Mobile Software LTD. Don’t purchase both!If you need a cheap app where you must use highlight and copy frequently, probably the best of the bunch (unlike GoodReader)PDF support is VERY poor, don't even think of using it for reading PDF files