NOTE: in some YouTube videos, the iPhone in the transparent case is a 3G S; the one without any case is a 3G. In some other videos, the 3G S is the one with the charger cable plugged in; with all the newer ones (filling in the entire screen estate), the one on the left. Nevertheless, you can easily spot it by it simply much faster loading games & having a somewhat more washed-out, worse-quality screen.
AppiTunes link(s)GenrePriceGame speed / playability on 3G / 3G S? Any problems?Game typeNumber of concurrent playersNetworking modelIf remote, in-game chat?Number of remote players in lounge? Currently playing / waiting in a new gameGame lounge?In-game sound / music? Does it allow the iPod playback in the background?Control method? If tilt control used, calibration? Can it be played while lying on your back? All version avg ratingCurrent version avg ratingNr. of voters for all versionsMy rating: MPSingle PlayerHow it compares to titles in exactly the same genre?Recommended?Remark?
3-D Vector Ball by Gyrocade 3.2ITUNESAction (3d Pong)$1+ / +; -Head-to-head2Wi-Fi, BTn/an/an/a+ / - / +Tilt or touch / + / - (can’t drive down the bat under the half of the screen)3.54137155Yes! Despite the price, very funny – particularly in MP mode!4.0 has been promised for over 1.5 month with a lot of additional MP stuff.
YouTube video HERE.
SlotZ Racer by Freeverse 1.1.2R, ITUNESAction / racingCurrently (10/15/2009), $3+ / +; -Parallel2/3/4; 2D only in all MP modesSame device only (not any kind of wireless) with some clever corner-of-the-screen controln/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch; n/a3.53.53322555Very funny, highly recommended, particularly if you can get it for cheapYouTube video HERE.
Mino by Xio 1.1N, ITUNES ; as of 10/18/2009, no track of it in AppStoreTetris$3+ / +; -Parallel (you only see what the others do)Up to 5Lounge only-8/7 Fri 14:07: 5/1+ with chat (no LS; no private messages); you’ll see your would-be opponents+ / + / -Touch only (alternatively, with left / right / down icons)(removed)(removed)(removed)44Pretty nice if you like TetrisYouTube video HERE.
StarPagga by Funsuma Games 1.5R, ITUNES Space shooter$2Definitely slower than on 3GS / + ; -Head-to-headUp to 6Both local Wi-Fi, BT and lounge. BT and remote games sometimes don't connect.-8/7 Fri 14:07: ?/0; no one joined in 2-3 mins; 10/10 Sat 11:10: 2 players+ (quite a lot: opponent selection / invite / boards etc - see the demo videos. No chat though.)+ / + / -Accelerator; + / -442104-Pretty nice if you like space shooters and you have a faster iDevice (Touch 2G+ and iPhone 3G S+)You might want to test it on the 3G before purchasing – not the quickest and the phone heats up considerably (unlike on the 3G S). Uses push notification.
YouTube video HERE.
Real Racing by Firemint 1.12N, ITUNES Racing$10Pretty nice on the 3G too / +; -Head-to-headUp to 6Wi-Fi, BT (starting with 1.12) and lounge; latter with ladder-like system and needs to practice in career mode first.n/tn/tn/t+ / + / +; playable with background playback even on the 3GFive control methods: accelerometer / touch; the rest divided up between auto/manual accelerometer / brake4.54.51797555GreatYouTube MP demo video HERE (Bluetooth mode).
HOMERUN BATTLE 3D (previously: Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D) by Com2uS Corp. 1.2.3ITUNES; R, Sports$5 (originally was: $1)No speed problems, not even with the 3G playing music in the background with iPodParallel (you only see what the other does)2Lounge onlyn/t8/7 Fri 14:09: at least 9 rookie found in quick matchup modeNothing special; random matching (but you can manually add your buddies as well to play manual games)+ / - (in-menu music is very repetitive) / + (asks about keeping the music when starting the game) Touch4.5(later)332055n/tI’ve found it pretty boring: only for baseball fans!
Star Hogs by IUGO 1.1R; , R, ITUNESArtillery$5 ExcellentHead-to-head2…4Lounge only-8/7 Fri 14:12: Only one (password-protected game); another player joined after my game about 4 minutesNothing special (not even chat), except for seeing the other player’s name and using passwords+ / + (st) / +; mode selectable at the beginningTouch4(later)83255+YouTube video HERE.
F.A.S.T. Fleet Air Superiority Training! by SGN 1.5R, ITUNESDogfighting combat$1 nowExcellentHead-to-head; 2 vs. 2 team2 or 4 (in 2 vs. 2 lounge game)Lounge (to do the quick matching) or local BT (that is, OS3+ only)-8/7 Fri 14:20: immediately found 4 in quick 1v1 match; after that, no one for 4 minutesRandom matching; own game rooms to play with your buddies only+ / - / -Touch (firing) + accelerometer / - (only sensitivity can be changed) / -3.5(later)517955n/tHighly recommended, particularly at the current price point.
YouTube MP demo video HERE.
Topple 2 by ngmoco 1.3R , , , ITUNES Tetris-alike but much more fun$1ExcellentParallel2Local Wi-Fin/an/tn/a+ / + / + (in More / iPod music)Touch4(later)1844555Definitely recommendedYouTube video HERE.
Adrenaline Pool Online by Eurocenter 1.5ITUNESPool$5ExcellentHead-to-head 2Lounge and hotseat+8/7 Fri 14:25: 12/0; matchmaking found an opponent in about 1 minBoth automatic (you can even use e.g. country / sex-based filtering) matching and manual table creation; quite a few players+ / + / + (you’ll need to disable music in the first dialog and restart first)Touchn/e(later)n/e33Yes, if you do like pooln/t
Adrenaline Pool Online 2 by Eurocenter 2.0ITUNESPool$3 (initial sale)n/tHead-to-head2Same as above+ and voice chat in addition. It’s GREAT! You can speak to your opponent all the time. Note: you must use headphones to hear him.8/7 Fri 14:28: 14/0; auto matchmaking immediately found 4+ playersSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as above3.5(later)4755Very niceNote that it’s only different from Adrenaline Pool Online in voice chat support. YouTube video HERE.
Arcade Pool Online by Lucky Clan 1.6ITUNESPool$1n/tHead-to-head2Lounge only+8/7 Fri 14:39: 13; auto matchmaking found an opponent in 30 secsManual opponent location; chat, ladder+ / - / -Touchn/e(later)n/e44n/tYouTube video HERE.
Real Football by Gameloft 1.5.2ITUNES - no longer available for purchase, it seems (instead, the 2010 version only)(European) Soccerwas at the end: $1 (no longer available)ExcellentHead-to-head2Local Wi-Fi onlyn/an/tn/a+ / - (only menu music) / + (selectable right at the beginning)Touch only(removed)(later)(removed)33n/tn/t
DinoSmash Online by Eurocenter 1.2; NITUNESPlatformer$1ExcellentFour different game types (Deathmatch / Capture the flag / Team Deathmatch / Team Survivor)2…12Lounge-8/8 Sat 9.34: 3 deathmatch players and several chatters; 0 team survivorsChat; No manual opponent – that is, you can’t just play your friends, there may be others joining. If you select another table (Play / Select Table), then, you may have the chance not to be disturbed by other people.+ / - / +Touch only3.5(later)20565-5Really nice game (particularly at the price point) if you can put up with the non-tactile controlsCan only be played with an active internet connection - no games are possible vs. just the computer.
  • Waaaay better online than WiFi Warfare by Jesse Starks!
    YouTube video HERE.
  • Siberian Strike by Gameloft 1.2.3; NITUNES1942 clone$5 initially; $1 nowIn MP mode, on the 3G, not very fast – just playable.Cooperative (like in SW IV)2Local Wi-Fi onlyn/an/tn/a+ / + Touch only4(later)735455Not as sophisticated as SkyForce Reloaded. The latter, however, doesn’t support MP.YouTube video HERE.
    Iron Sight by Polarbit 1.0.1; R, RITUNESArtillery game in 3D3eExcellentHead-to-head2Lounge only (and hotseat)+ (!)8/7 Fri 14:44: 0; no one joined in 8 minutes. Nothing special; usernames shown; passwords can be used+ / - / Touch only (with on-screen controls)3.5(later)23644n/tYouTube video HERE.
    iFPS Online by Pick Up And Play 1.2; NITUNESFPS$2. Lite version also supports online games – but not local ones. That is, you can’t play your local buddies without others entering the game, it seemsAcceptable on 3G, good on 3G S.Head-to-head4Both lounge and (the default)local games. The latter can be quickly joined from the main menu.-8/7 Fri 14:45:
  • commercial version: 3 servers with 0 players; no one joined in 7 minutes.
  • lite version: 1 server with 2 players.
    10/8 Thu 9:53: commercial version: 2 servers with 0 players
  • Nothing: no chat, no usernames, only passwords to protect games+ / - / -Touch only by default; in Settings, you can switch to Touch + Accelerator mode. Nevertheless, I’ve found playing with the accelerator is very hard2.5(later)165923Not very good IMHOIt’s only compatible with 3G S starting with v1.2
    YouTube video HERE.
    Touch Hockey: FS5 by FlipSide5 3.1.1ITUNESAction$2. The only disadvantage of the Lite version are the ads displayed for about 10 sec when starting each and every game.; LITEExcellentHead-to-head2In addition to hotseat (which is similar with Slotz), local BT. It must be initiated from Settings (no separate “Wireless Multiplayer” item in the main menu)n/an/tn/a+ / - / + (excellent: even plays the game sounds during this)Touch3.5(later)92155ExcellentYouTube video HERE.
    Real Tennis 2009 by Gameloft 1.1.2ITUNESSports$5; lite version only supports instant play (no MP)ExcellentHead-to-head2Wi-Fi onlyn/an/tn/a+ / - / + (sound is too played back)Touch + Accelerator; - (can only be played in almost horizontal position) / -3.5(later)135744n/tYouTube video HERE.
    Fast & Furious by i-play 0.4.8ITUNESRacing$2; lite (“test drive”) version doesn’t support MPExcellentHead-to-head2(+?)Wi-Fi only + online scroreboard + "ghost" racingn/tn/tn/tn/tn/t3.5(later)359733n/tIf playing between a 3G and a 3G S, create the game on the first; otherwise, there will be errors and / or the phones will disconnect after 2-3 seconds.
    YouTube video HERE.
    GTS World Racing by Handmark 1.01.00ITUNESRacing$5Excellentn/tn/tWi-Fi onlyn/an/tn/a+ / + / + (if you select “Disable audio” in menu. Then, sounds won’t be played either.)Accelerator; - (only sensitivity is settable) / -3(later)158233n/tYouTube video HERE.
    Ferrari GT: Evolution by Gameloft 1.3.4ITUNESRacing$2 (was: $1)ExcellentHead-to-headn/tCurrently, local Wi-Fi only n/an/tn/a+ / + / -Accelerometer / Screen tap / On-screen wheel; - (only sensitivity can be set) / + (as only left/right is utilized)3.5(later)338333n/tLounge-based remote MP will be implemented soon.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Cube by fernLightning 1.7.1ITUNESFPSfreePretty much unplayable on 3G; on 3G S, much betterHead-to-headn/tServer runnable anywhere – will later be releasedn/an/an/an/aTouch to aim / fire + accelerometer to move (even backward) / strafe; -2(later)90875-2-n/tServers were incompatible at the time of testing (unless you download and compile the server source yourself). As of 10/10/2009, there still isn't a compatible, public server (this is shown on the video).
    YouTube video HERE.
    Fuzzball by Avolans 2.0ITUNES(European) Soccer-billiard combo$1; lite version is ad-supportedExcellentHead-to-head2Lounge -8/7 Fri 14:45: found opponents immediately all the times I’ve tried (on other days too)Auto-assignment and friend list / invitation- / - / +Touch2.5(later)2321555Highly recommended and entertaining!Really funny and interesting; has a built-in (simple) Web browser and notification capabilities so that you’re notified when someone wants to play you.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Astraware Board Games by Handmark, Inc. 1.10ITUNESBoard$3 (orginally was: $1)ExcellentHead-to-head2Lounge-8/7 Fri 15:01: 0 games; no one created / joined anything for 4 minutes. 8/8 Sat 21:01 and 23.41: 0 gamesNothing (just a list of current games and the ability to create a new one) – no userlist etc.+ (very rudimentary) / - / +Touch2.5(later)53344n/tPretty simple game; still, was worth the intro price ($1). About the current price? Well, I don't know...
    YouTube video HERE.
    Word Play! ONLINE by Devare! 1.6ITUNESWord$2 (originally: $1) + liten/tParallel5?Lounge-8/7 Fri 15:17: a LOTNothing (just a list of tables to join and the number of players in it / their names)+ / - / -Touch3.5(later)36644n/tOnly for native English speakers! YouTube video HERE.
    Asphalt 4 : Elite Racing by Gameloft 1.3.8ITUNESRacing$1ExcellentHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / + / - (theoretically, it should; in practice, however, it doesn’t)Accelerometer / Screen tap / On-screen wheel; - (only sensitivity can be set) / + (as only left/right is utilized)(n/e)(n/e)(n/e)454A must buy at this price point – argh, I’ve purchased it for $10…YouTube video HERE.
    321 Jump! (Bluetooth Multiplayer Jump!) by MASQ Interactive Limited 2.1ITUNESPlatform$1ExcellentOpponent (in that you may want to pick up power-ups first)4BTn/an/an/a+ / - / -Accelerator / - / + (only left/right is used)4n/e453-There definitely are better titles, even at this price point – e.g., DinoSmash or Asphalt 4Pretty silly and simple, but you may like it nevertheless.
    YouTube video HERE
    BOMBERMAN TOUCH 2 –Volcano Party by Hudson 1.5ITUNESBomberman$3ExcellentBoth opponent and parallel (if you choose not to kill but help each other in getting along as quickly as possible)n/tBTn/an/an/a+ / + / + (after you’ve disabled sound and exit the game)Touch (two modes, with fixed D-pad and a relative one usable anywhere)32.523433n/tGo for this and not the first part, which has no MP and costs more than twice as much! Also note that previous versions were pretty useless – they disconnected after about a minute.

    YouTube video HERE.
    MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition by Electronic Arts 2.3ITUNESMonopoly (board game)$53G: Playable, 3GS: ExcellentHead-to-head4Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch(removed)(removed)(removed)n/tn/t
    Leaf Trombone: World Stage by Smule 1.5ITUNESInstrument$1OKParallel2BT (and world stage)+ (on the world stage)A lot of judgesA lot+ / +Touch3.53.54322A music app – pretty funnyn/t
    Galcon by 1.7.1ITUNESReal-time strategy$3OKHead-to-head by default; with 1.7, also received team play (2vs2)2..4 with support to FFA and 2v2 gamesLounge-8/11 Tue 9:37: 4 open games and some 6 fullJoin games (also as a spectator)+ / +Touch441874555A must buy – always a lot of people to play online and great gameYouTube video HERE.
    UniWar by Xpressed 1.0.5ITUNESTurn-based strategy$1OK in multiplayer mode; some tutorial maps are very slow on the 3GHead-to-head; free for all; team play (even 4 vs. 4)2…4Lounge, can be asynchoronous (VERY clever!)-n/tn/t+ / -Touch3.54.53260545One of the must buys – excellent in almost every repsectPush notification supported. YouTube video HERE.
    Flight Control by Firemint 1.4ITUNESReal-time strategy$1ExcellentCooperative (need to direct airplanes of a given color to the other player’s screen)2Wi-Fi, BTn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch4422898555Highly recommended! A must buy!
    YouTube video HERE.
    Dedicated thread (with for example current records) HERE.
    Quick Draw by Swipe Interactive 1.2ITUNESHand-drawing$2Excellentn/t2Lounge-8/7 Fri 17:18: 1/4n/t+ / - / +Touch333073-Only if you like games where you need to guess what’s being drawn. Not very good on a stylus-less (less strict) platform.Can only be played online (to just practice drawing). YouTube video HERE.
    DrawRace by RedLynx Ltd 1.05ITUNESGuessing$1ExcellentOpponent (albeit you can’t crash with him; that is, it can also be thought of parallel)2Global with random opponent selection from the entire world or your country (based on a setting)-8/7 Fri 17:11: a LOT, even in smaller countriesToo bad you can’t make it play a definite buddy – only random opponent selection is possible.+ / - / -Touch3.53.510675-Great! Highly recommended!
    YouTube video HERE.
    Sea Battle Classic by A. Kurulenko 1.1ITUNESTorpedo$1n/tHead-to-head2Wi-Fi / BT (local only)n/an/an/a+ / - / + (sound must be disabled in Settings and app restarted; no sound effects then, though)Touch3.5n/e3245Great, albeit pretty simpleYouTube video HERE.
    XPilot by 7b5 labs 1.1.1; NITUNESXPilot$2 regularly / free if you compile itThe animation stutters on even the 3G S on some mapsHead-to-headmanyLounge (several servers)+8/8 Sat 16:23: about 2 players in the 30-40 servers- (no real lounge: just select a server to immediately join it. There are many of them with 0 players; that is, you can safely play your buddies only.)+ (simple beeps) / - / -Touch2.52.51273--Only for real XPilot fans – if you aren’t one, don’t botherSee THIS for more info. YouTube video HERE.
    3-D FIGHTER PILOT : Guns of War by 2.0.1ITUNESAirplane shooter3eOn the 3G, stutteringHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localN/aN/aN/a+ / - / -Accelerometer / - / - 2.52.556122Very poor – F.A.S.T. Fleet Air Superiority Training! by SGN is WAY betterDon’t bother
    Crazy Drops by Colombiamug 1.1.1ITUNESTetris$1OKParallel (time racing)2Wi-Fi localN/aN/aN/an/tn/t3338433Not very interesting – I’ve found Mino more interesting, particularly if you’re looking for other players to play (it’s lounge-based, unlike this one)YouTube video HERE.
    WiFi Warfare by Jesse Starks’m’up$3OKFree for all shooteranyWi-Fi local and lounge-8/8 Sat 19:23: 10 players; 23:40: 5 players- (you directly join remote games – no lounge)+ / - / -Accelerometer (default) or D-pad / - (only sensitivity can be set) / - . Accelerometer can only be used with the phone lying on some surface; D-pad-based aiming is even harder. (There’s no tap-the-screen-to-aim-there support.)3458033As there are always several players and it also supports local play, you might want to give it a try but I am not sure you will like this title. (Personally, I think there are much better titles; most importantly, DinoSmash Online.)YouTube video HERE.
    Pool Star Online with Earl Strickland (was: Pool Star Feat. Earl Strickland) by I-play 1.4.4ITUNESPool$2n/tHead-to-headn/tWi-Fi local and lounge+ (!)8/9 Sun 0:02: 0 player; no one joined my game for some minutes - (you’re directly assigned an opponent; you can’t even select the one you’d like to play)+/ - / -Touch3.53.56744The game isn’t bad at all (particularly at this price point) – I particularly like displaying the trajectories or showing the player the wrong targets)YouTube video HERE.
    Ronnie O'Sullivan's Snooker by I-play 1.2.6ITUNESPool$5n/tHead-to-headn/tWi-Fi local and lounge+ (!)8/9 Sun 0:08: 0 playerSee with Pool Star Feat. Earl Strickland+/ - / -Touchn/en/en/e44If you’re only a casual snooker player, Pool Star Feat. Earl Strickland from the same developer may be a better (and much cheaper) choice. It’s very similar to this one.YouTube video HERE.
    SCRABBLE by Electronic Arts 1.2.98ITUNESScrabble$5n/tParallel (albeit you need to wait for the other’s turn to end)n/tWi-Fi local and facebookn/an/an/a+/ + / + (with disabling music first; game sounds are played back)Touch3.53.579903?n/tYouTube video HERE.
    Marble Blast Mobile by GarageGames 1.2ITUNESMarble madness$53G: very poor, 3G S: excellent. In a 3G vs. 3G S game, the 3G can be in a major disadvantageOpponent (you have to collect the gems before the other player)2…4Wi-Fi and remote lounge-10/11 17:00: 0Create / join games+/ + / -Accelerometer (+ touch for camera / rocket use etc.)33.55554-Pretty nice – worth checking outYouTube video HERE.
    iFishing by Egerter Software 1.9ITUNES“Fishing”$3OKParallel2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / Accelerometer + touch3.5421763-If you like fishing games… (I don’t)YouTube video HERE.
    SevenSwords Prologue by Asobimo, Inc. 1.1.0; T, RITUNESOnline Action-RPGfreeExcellent, even on the 3G (3G S doesn’t seem to be faster)Opponent (or, if the two of you have an opponent, cooperative)manyLounge (lag is around 1s or more)+8/8 Sat 18:30: 0; 10/15 14:02: about 10- (not a lounge)+/ + / -Touch2.52.536743-Fortunately, as opposed to August, there are a lot of actual players.note that listing / creating battle rooms is done by tapping the manager in the game; available in the US and Japan. YouTube video HERE.
    UNO by Gameloft 1.5.4ITUNESCard$5OKHead-to-head2…4Wi-Fi local and lounge-8/9 Sun 13.56: between 3 and 5; some people have also joined the games I’ve created No real lounge: only create / join rooms+/ + / +, with game soundsTouch3.54363344Nice if you like card gamesYouTube video HERE.
    WordFu by ngmoco, Inc. 1.3ITUNESWordn/tn/tParallel2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+/ + / +, with game soundsTouch + shake3.53.5185644Only for native English speakersYouTube video HERE.
    Guitar Rock Tour 2 by Gameloft 2.0.0ITUNESInstrument / actionn/tn/tParallel2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / + / n/a (no point in playing another tune)Touch43.541544Mostly for music loversYouTube video HERE.
    Dragon Masters by Aftershock Innovations 4.11 and Dragon Masters LIVE! by Aftershock Innovations 4.12 (ITUNES, ITUNES)n/tn/t$10 reg (now, $5) for the non-live version; live is freen/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/tn/t???n/tn/t
    Heroes Battle Online by Vincent Bellet 1.41ITUNESOnline RPG-alike$2OKHead-to-head2Lounge (asynch!)+ (this is too asynchronous)I’ve been challenged by about 5 opponents after registeringTo select an opponent, to upgrade your shields etc.n/tn/t3.53.517833Don’t expect anything traditional RPG – it’s an asynchronous (see UniWar’s approach) spellcasting on other player(s).YouTube video HERE.
    Zoot by tranquo 1.0 ITUNESn/t3eOKOpponent (with groups)SeveralLounge+8/9 Sun 15.25: 0 players in both Europe and the US-+ / - / -Touch by default; accelerometer too; + / - (up/down is also used)n/en/en/e4-Pretty interesting and original concept; I, however, didn’t find it as engaging as the best MP titlesYouTube video HERE.
    Pollys Popping Parrots Reloaded by p13development 1.0; ITUNESColor matching$2OKParallel (time-restricted)2BTn/an/an/a+ / + / -Touch4.5n/e634Not bad if you like color matchingOlder, Wi-Fi-based versions didn’t reliably work between my 3G and 3G S at all; the new, BT-based does.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Hollywood Hangman by LimeLife, Inc 1.0.3ITUNESTrivia / word guessing$3; lite version doesn’t support MPOKParallel (you mutually provide words the others can guess with some help from the phone)2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / -TouchOnly if you like “guess word”-type (when played, trivia) of games n/t
    Ancient Legion by DigitalFun 1.2ITUNESWeb browser-based textual RPGFree (note that the “FREE”in its title is the Italian version)OK (strictly browser-based)Head-to-headA lotLoungen/tn/tn/t+ / + (very repetititve) / -Touch (Web browser-based)2.52.5162734If you like text-based RPG’sVery nice trailer video & comics available. YouTube video HERE.
    Pocket Jockey by Muse 1.0ITUNESHorse racing game, also making use of the accelerometer$1OKParallel (time race)2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / + / - (no point in listening to anything else – after all, particularly in pocket mode, you will need the music to bounce / jump the right way)n/t2.5n/a1523-It’s worth giving it a try, particularly if you do want to bounce and jump around like a horse jockey. The control schemes are pretty funny.A funny gamer mostly suited for multiplayer games.
    Under 3.1.2 (as opposed to between 3.0.1-based iPhones), it didn't work in MP mode (complained of too slow a network, even after a full reset) - see the video. YouTube video HERE.
    Aurora Feint II: Arena Daemons by Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron 3.2ITUNESRPG puzzle$5OKHead-to-head2Lounge: Asynchronous duels+ 8/9 Sun 20.20: a lotChat etc+ / + /n/t441707Particularly if you like matching gamesNote that the $3 reg ($2 now) Aurora Feint II: The Beginning is strictly single-player, with additional online chatting in tavern
    RoboFighters by Team4000 Software LLC 1.4ITUNES3D Fighting$3OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / + /Accelerometer (+ touch to throw bombs)3.5n/e8433Probably for fans of Street Fighter – but it’s a much worse-designed game (only two weapons)n/t
    iBot Sumo by Beorn Software 1.2.0ITUNESAction$1; lite version doesn’t support MPOKHead-to-head2…4Wi-Fi local (and turn-based hotseat)n/an/an/a+ / - / + (with game sounds)Accelerometer44364-You might like the idea – check out the lite versionYou need to knock out each of the bots of the arena. YouTube video HERE.
    X-Plane Racing, Extreme and Helicopter by Laminar Research 9.20 (ITUNES, ITUNES, ITUNES)n/tSimulation$10 eachOKParallel (time racing), unless you crash into the other plance2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / +Accelerometer443584-If you like the X-Plane series, you may also welcome the MP featuresTo find the other iDevices, go to the menu and, then, the rightmost “Multi” tab. YouTube video HERE. iTunes Store average for Racing.
    Card Master by Odasoft 1.2ITUNESCard$1; MP not available in lite versionOKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / + (with game sound)Touch3.53.526n/tn/t
    Belote Expert Online by Eurocenter 1.5ITUNESCard$8OKHead-to-headSeveralLounge-8/9 Sun 21.54: severalTable selection (meaning playing with anyone)+ / + / + (after disabling music and restarting – sounds are played)Touch32.527n/tUses the same networking engine as DinoSmash, Adrenaline Pool Online
    Rising Blocks by Michael Le 1.0; ITUNESColor matching$1; lite version doesn’t support MPn/tn/tn/tWi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / + (with sound)Touch4n/a3122Very simple – I’d go for e.g. Aurora Feint II: Arena insteadYouTube video HERE.
    liar's by Hey Buddy Software 1.2ITUNESGambling$1? (couldn’t play it because I only have two devices for testing)Head-to-head3…6Lounge? (couldn’t play it)8/9 Sun 23.54: 0; 10/15 20:26: 0 joined for 5 minutesCreating / selecting game tables; chat while waiting for starting a game+ / - / -, it seems? (couldn’t play it)22.5455??It’s lounge-based multiplayer only (no local play supported). As the minimum number of players is 3 and there don’t seem to be (m)any other players around, I’m not sure it’s worth gettingYouTube video HERE. Note that the video doesn’t show how the game itself is played as there were only two players (and the game needs at least 3).
    Laser Tag by Ecoshop Holding 2.0ITUNESFun$1OKHead-to-head2+Wi-Fi local, BTn/an/an/a+ / +Touch22.5345711Well, this isn’t really a game but a pretty silly gun simulator. It works like touchscreen-based “fingerprint readers” – that is, it’s a complete joke.n/t
    TV Show King by Gameloft 1.1.0ITUNESTrivia$1OKHead-to-head2…4Wi-Fi local, loungen/t8/10 Mon 0.07: 0Creating / selecting game tables+ / +Touch3388144Very nice and the ability to answer questions parallelly is a big advantage – highly recommended at the current price pointYouTube video HERE.
    Durak by Lost Token Software LLC 1.1ITUNESCard$3OKHead-to-head2…4Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / +Touch4.54251n/tn/t
    slotCar Mania by feelThere 1.0ITUNES (3.5/25)Slotz$1OKHead-to-head2…4Wi-Fi local and direct IP entry-n/an/a+ / - / -Touch by default (accelerator can also be used)3.5n/a2544Pretty nice – if you need real wireless multiplayer (which SlotZ still deosn’t support), go for it.Direct IP entry means you can play people on entirely different networks if the connection is direct. (On T-Mobile’s cellular network – the one I’ve tested it on – isn’t so I couldn’t reliably test this.)
    Briscola / Brisca / Briscas by Makebari 1.2; ITUNES - as of 10/18/2009, seems to be removedCard (medieval)$2OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / +Touch(removed)(removed)(removed)n/tn/t
    Truco by Odasoft 1.2ITUNESCard (South-America)$1OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / -Touch3.53.572n/tn/t
    Board@Work by Spigot Games, LLC 1.2ITUNES (4/15)Color matching$2OKParallel2Lounge- 8/10 Mon 8.43: 0Creating / random joining games (not possible to join a game with a given title)+ / - / -Touch4n/e154-n/tYouTube video HERE.
    Atari Football by Atari 1.0; ITUNES (2.5/32)Baseball$3OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / + (with game sounds)Touch2.5n/a3232If you like the top-down, 2D rendering (as opposed to the 3D rendering fo some other baseball games)YouTube video HERE.
    Smackarooni by Spinapse, Inc. 1.2; ITUNES (2.5/23)Strategy?$1OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / + (with game sounds)Touch2.52.512211Very simple – I’m not sure it’s worth botheringYouTube video HERE.
    CurveBallz Deluxe by Mehboob Charania 2ITUNES (2.5/545)Action (3d Pong)Free now ($1 reg)OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / +Touch2.52.591322As opposed to 3-D Vector Ball by Gyrocade, free, but a bit less capable (e.g., no accelerometer support)YouTube video HERE
    Trivial Pursuit by Electronic Arts 1.0ITUNES - as of 10/18-2009, seems to be removedTrivia$5OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / +Touch(removed)(removed)(removed)33I think TV Show King by Gameloft 1.1.0 is better worth the price ($1), particularly because it’s faster-paced and allows both players to answer simultaneouslyYouTube video HERE.
    Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D by Digital Chocolate, Inc 2.0.17 ITUNES (4/20)Tower Blocks$1OKParallel (time race)2Split screenn/an/an/a+ / +Touch44247955Just like SlotZ, highly recommended: very cool. While this game doesn’t support wireless, it’s big fun when played on the same iPhone.YouTube video HERE.
    iNinja by Geppetto Inc. 2.0 (full) / 2.1 (lite)ITUNES (3/39); LITE (2.5/2600)Ball / air hockey games$2; free lite version does support MP!OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / +Touch33565-Great game, highly recommended – particularly the free versiona very decent title, particularly in single player. In multiplayer, there aren’t AI enemies or obstacles; still, it’s great fun against a human opponent, just like the comparable Hyper Puck by Kieffer Bros. YouTube video HERE.
    Catcha Mouse 2 by Odasoft 1.0ITUNES (3.5/1268)Puzzle$1 (note that the first, now-free part in the series doesn’t support MP)OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / +Touch3.5n/a126844n/tYouTube video HERE.
    Wopiti Words by Wopiti 1.2ITUNES (not enough ratings)Word$2OKHead-to-head2Lounge-8/10 Mon 10.00: 0Nothing: random matching – you can’t select your opponent by hand. (Nevertheless, there doesn’t seem to be much / any players around; that is, you’ll most probably be assigned your buddy)+ / - / +Touchn/en/en/e33Another word gameYouTube video HERE.
    Air Sail by Readdle 1.1; ITUNESShip racingfreeOKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / -Blowing into the mike (alternatively, touch) + accelerator / - / -2.52.589444Pretty funny: by default, you need to blow into the mike of the phone for your ship to advance. As it’s free, highly recommended!YouTube video HERE.
    KarmaStar by Majesco Entertainment 1.00ITUNESStrategy$1OKHead-to-head2-3Wi-Fi local(possible to chat when setting up the game)n/an/a+ / + / +Touch3.5n/a5494-Pretty interesting and unique game – may be worth a lookYouTube video HERE. Note that I didn’t really bother learning all the rules; that is, the MP demo isn’t a true representative of how the game should be played.
    Crossbones by New Insect Overlords LLC 1.0.1ITUNESPuzzle$3; lite version doesn’t support MPOKHead-to-head2-4Wi-Fi local or Lounge-8/10 Mon 10.57: 0Only list of available games+ / -Touch331689??You might like it – I myself haven’t bothered with learning the rules so I can’t really comment on the quality and the addictiveness of the game. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any online players at all and it costs $3 (while some other, in my opinion, very decent puzzle games like Catcha Mouse 3 by Odasoft only cost $1).YouTube video HERE.
    Bomber Online by Eurocenter 1.12ITUNESBomberman$4OKHead-to-head2-5Lounge+8/10 Mon 10.57: 4Create / join games; high scrores; friends+ / +Touch; excellent (!) control: no a D-pad but directly directing your character in the direction you want3.53.5289255I’d prefer this over BOMBERMAN TOUCH 2 –Volcano Party by Hudson 1.5 because of the much better controls and the much more versatile lounge-based game (with players always around)YouTube video HERE.
    AirFight by Ocko AB 1.0ITUNESPlane6eOKHead-to-head2 (while in single player there may be far more enemies)Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / -Accelerator2.5n/a9722IMHO, F.A.S.T. Fleet Air Superiority Training! by SGN 1.5is way better – particularly at its current price point ($1)YouTube video HERE.
    Wi-Fi Battle Boats by Inner Four, Inc. 1.1ITUNESTorpedo$1OKHead-to-head2 Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / -Touch22.5542-2I’d go for Sea Battle Classic by A. Kurulenko 1.1 instead: it looks cleaner, also supports BT and allows you to play the CPU too – for the same priceYouTube video HERE.
    Tic-Tac-MMO by RhoMoSoft, LLC 1.0ITUNESTic-Tac-Toe$1OKHead-to-head2 Lounge+8/10 Mon 11.27: 0- (automatic matching; as there’re no/few other players, you’ll most probably be matched with our buddy, though)+ / - / +Touch3n/a16n/tn/t
    BattleAtSea by Pelted Software 1.0; ITUNESTorpedo$5OKHead-to-head2 Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch3.5n/a50622Sea Battle Classic by A. Kurulenko seems to be a much better choice. Unlike Wi-Fi Battle Boats by Inner Four, Inc. 1.1, it supports single play. YouTube video HERE.
    Go Fish Multiplayer by PressOK Entertainment 1.0; ITUNESCard$1OKHead-to-head4Lounge+ (with pre-defined strings)8/10 Mon 15.50: at least two were found at once to play(Automatic matching; however, if you join the lounge at the same time, you will most probably be in the same game)+ / +Touch2.5n/a80Pretty cheap and there seems to be a lot of folks lurking around in the lounge – it may be worth giving a tryn/t
    Pocket Football by Rashid Nasibulin 1.1.2ITUNESFoosball (table soccer)$1; lite version doesn’t support MP; there’s also a free single player versionOKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi local and the same device (the latter works great!)n/an/an/a+ / +Touch3321224Unfortunately, this game has major problems in multiplayer rendering it completely useless – at least when played between an iPhone 3G and 3G S. This is demoed in this demo video. Probably this is why the title seems to be removed from the US AppStore.YouTube video HERE.
    Foosball World Cup by Better Day Wireless 1.8ITUNESFoosball (table soccer)$3OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi local and the same devicen/an/an/a+ / +, albeit VERY repetitive. There are two of them.Touch3325834IMHO, worse than Pocket Football by Rashid Nasibulin because of the 3 times higher price and, when played on the same device, the finger must be placed over the playfield, as opposed to the other title1.) Received Wi-Fi support in 1.8 2.) Note that neither this title nor Pocket Football support spindling the paddles and/or controlling individual rows. In this, the SUPER FOOSBALL by 1.1.4, the very rudimentay (and ugly) Table FootBall by IKKooN - Fred Courteille 1.0 and the free iSoccerFor2 (The First Foosball Game) Alfredo Delli Bovi 1.1.1 are all better. (None of them is wireless-enabled.) Also note that neither games support 3D, unlike iFoosball Spruce Technologies 2.0. The latter is great in 3D, particularly on the 3G S (on the 3G, it can stutter, particularly if you, instead of the default 3, use 4 rows of paddles). NOTE: this game has some glitches in multiplayer – at least when played between an iPhone 3G and 3G S. This can also be seen in this demo video. (Not only the initial disconnects, but also the desynchronized in-game animation.) Keep this in mind when purchasing it and you have this particular set-up (I don’t know whether there’re similar problems between similar models; say, two 3G’s or 3G S’es). Nevertheless, it’s on sale now (as has also been announced yesterday) and is still far better suited for wireless multiplayer than the only other alternative, Pocket Football by Rashid Nasibulin . YouTube video HERE.
    Raging Thunder by Polarbit 1.0.3ITUNESRacing$4OKOpponent (same race)2…4Wi-Fi local, lounge and direct IP-8/10 Mon 18.22: 0Only game creation / joining. The latter is manual; that is, you can safely play your remote buddies. Lag is acceptable.+ / +Accelerator33287933Nice, particularly if you want to play buddies far away. (Nevertheless, don’t expect many online players.)YouTube video HERE.
    Quartz 2 Deluxe - Crystal Drop by Chillingo Ltd 1.21ITUNESTetris / Color matching$3OKParallel2Direct IP-n/an/a+ / -Touch3.53.578454Nice game, particularly if you’re looking for a remote game and/or liked it on Windows Mobile (of which it’s an enhanced version)this game is pretty unique in that it doesn’t support automatic Wi-Fi local network discovery. This means you must manually enter the host’s IP address into the client (which is also demoed in the demo video). However, this also means you will be able to play even remote opponents (not only local ones) if they have a direct IP – even without a lounge. YouTube video HERE.
    Wave Blazer by Polarbit 1.0.0ITUNESBoat racing3eOKOpponent (same race, pickups etc.)2…4Lounge-8/10 Mon 18.44: 0Only game creation / joining. The latter is manual; that is, you can safely play your remote buddies. Lag is acceptable.+ / -Accelerator3n/a816333An, in my opinion, pretty average boat racer - nothing to write home about.YouTube video HERE.
    Quick Draw Cowboy Gunfight by ACME Mobile Products 1.1ITUNESQuick drawing out your gun$1OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / -Accelerator + touch screen2.52.548811Very silly – there are much more worthy MP games for the same pricen/t
    iChess by myMobileApps 2.0 ITUNESn/tChess (FICS!)Free (ad-supported) / $1 (“Clean”)n/tn/t2FICS (remote)n/tn/tn/tn/tTouch2.535389834n/tn/t
    Parallel Kingdom by PerBlue 2.2 NITUNESMMORPGFreen/tn/tn/tLoungen/tn/tn/tn/tn/t332342n/tn/t
    CozyQuest by Nils Munch 1.2.2ITUNESMMORPG$5n/tn/tn/tLounge (Web-based)n/tn/tn/tn/tn/t32.5587Many people like this essentially Web-based (that is, don’t expect anything with gorgeous 3D graphics & animations – in this respect, it’s not even close to SmartCell’s Shadow of the Legend on WinMo [discontinued]) game. You may like it too.Note that as it’s Web-based, it isn’t as prompt as it could be and, sometimes, there’re major slowdowns / pauses for even minutes.
    TRIVIA WARS by Zephyr Creative 2.0ITUNESTrivia$2OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / -Touch2.5347533I’d prefer Gameloft’s TV Show King - it’s cheaper and is much faster (you don’t end up having to wait for the time to run out, the dialogs displayed etc)YouTube video HERE.
    Light Riders 3D by DS Media Labs 2.0.4ITUNESTron$1OKHead-to-head2…4Wi-Fi local (BT & lounge is coming)n/an/an/a+ / + Touch33492515Great! A must buy – particularly at this price pointNote that this game is completely useless in single player mode – the AI is very-very weak and dies very quickly. That is, this game should only be used in multiplayer. YouTube video HERE.
    Attack from the Dead by CDE 1.4ITUNESThird person shooter$1OKCo-operation2Wi-Fi local & BT (with online scrores)n/an/an/a+ / - / + (iPod list browse & playback support from inside)Touch33.51888222Pretty lame game IMHOYouTube MP demo video HERE.
    Attack PRO – Wireless Bluetooth Spaceship Battle by Poulet Maison 1.1.0 ITUNESRetro shooter$1OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / + Touch2.531853-Nice – but, IMHO, there’re more interesting MP games in the AppStoreIn pre-1.1.0 versions, there were problems with the 3G and the 3G S communicating; the movement of the ship on the 3G couldn't be seen on either devices - see THIS video
    . A YouTube video of the new version HERE. Note that it shows some kind of bugs - the barriers on the map aren't refreshed on one device for some reason when moving to the next field; this is why - on later maps - the ships move so strangely.
    Tic-Tac-Touch: FS5 by FlipSide5 2.6.2ITUNESTic-Tac-ToeFree (ad-supported; the one without ads is $1)OKHead-to-head2BT or lounge+ (albeit with predefined strings only)8/11 Tue 18.00: found one at onceRandom matching; however, if you join the lounge at the same time with your (remote) buddy, you’ll have a high chance of being able to play each other+ / -Touch33.566172Excellent with very versatile (both Net-less local and lounge) communicationn/t
    Touch4 FS5 by FlipSide5 2.6.ITUNES4-in-a-rowFree (ad-supported; the one without ads is $1)OKHead-to-head2BT or lounge+ (albeit with predefined strings only)8/11 Tue 18.00: found one at onceRandom matching; however, if you join the lounge at the same time with your (remote) buddy, you’ll have a high chance of being able to play each other+ / -Touch3.53.534999Excellent with very versatile (both Net-less local and lounge) communication
    YouTube video HERE.
    Headsup Poker 3G (Texas Holdem & Omaha) by Haolan Qin 1.1ITUNESPokerThe free version is ad-supported; the commercial one is $4OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / Touch2371333n/tNote that there used to be a separate, earlier Texas Holdem and Omaha versions. The free versions of these only allowed for playing until 10 hands. No such restriction with this title. The new version, however, doesn’t support Wi-Fi connectivity, only BT; that is, it doesn’t work on 1st gen iPhones and iPod Touches. YouTube video HERE.
    Texas Hold'em by Apple Inc. 1.1; ITUNESHoldem poker$5OKHead-to-head2+Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a+ / +Touch44946145n/tTakes up quite much storage (128M compressed)
    SG Mahjong by GameFront Singapore 2.2 ITUNESMahjong$1OKCooperative2BTn/an/an/a+ / -Touch33554-n/tYouTube video HERE.
    Scopa by Veronica Giamboi 2.0.1ITUNESCard3eOKHead-to-head2BT and Wi-Fi localn/an/an/an/tTouch4.5n/a12n/tn/t
    Pong - iPhone Edition by Jonah Grant 1.2.1ITUNESPong$1Speed problems on the 3G S in two-player mode – currently, useless in the 3G vs.` 3G S configurationHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a- / - / +Touch33865-n/tThe current version no longer has speed problems between a 3G and a 3G S.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Checkers Lite by Trivial technology 2.0.0ITUNESCheckersFree (ad-supported)OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch33902n/tn/t
    Combat On Palm by Dog eat Dog StudioITUNESshooterfreeOKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / - / + (with sounds)Touch2n/a11711n/tVery weak.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Mancala Lite by Trivial technology 2.0.0ITUNESMancala (board game)Free (ad-supported)OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch22.53289n/tn/t
    Reversi Lite by Trivial technology 2.0.0ITUNESReversiFree (ad-supported)OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch2.52.5388n/tn/t
    Virtual Pool Online by Celeris Inc. 1.97ITUNESPool$3; lite version doesn't support MPOKHead-to-head2Lounge+8/12 Wed 23.40: found several at once on boards of all sizes - excellent!Both automatic and manual matching+ / - / +Touch3.53.52992Definitely - when it comes to the number of average other online players, it's by far the best. In addition, according to some pool buffs, it has an excellent pool engine.-
    NanoMechs by Theorian 1.1ITUNESPlatform shooter$1OKHead-to-head2...8Local Wi-Fin/an/an/a+ / - / +Accelerometer / - / + (only left/right)339244WiFi Warfare by Jesse Starks is better in that it also supports remote play (and a lot of online players all the time). However, I like the graphs of this title better and the, IMHO, much superior control. Also, don't forget DinoSmash Online, which is, IMHO, the best game of the genre. -
    Armageddon Squadron by Polarbit 1.0.2ITUNESDogfighting combat3e3G S: excellent; 3G: acceptableHead-to-head2...4Wi-Fi local, lounge and direct IP entering-8/13 Thu 01:00: found 0; waited for about 20 minutes for other players to join, in vainCreate / join games - that is, manual matching possible+ / - / -Accelerometer / + / +3.53.5176433IMHO, F.A.S.T. Fleet Air Superiority Training! by SGN is a better choice, particularly if you want to play others (not your buddies) online. It has, generally, far more online players. Also, (now), it's way cheaper.YouTube video HERE.
    Ace Tennis Online by Eurocenter 1.3ITUNESTennis3eExcellentOpponent 2Lounge+8/13 Thu 01:30: matchmaking found at least two opponents in about a secondBoth automatic (you can even use e.g. country / sex-based filtering) matching and manual table creation; quite a few players+ / - / + (you’ll need to disable music in the first dialog and restart first)Touch33280444Yes, if you do like tennis and/or want to play remote players (Real Tennis 2009 by Gameloft can only play local games)YouTube video HERE.
    Checkers Online by Eurocenter 1.3ITUNESCheckers$3ExcellentOpponent 2Lounge and hotseat+8/13 Thu 19:25; matchmaking found an opponent immediatelyBoth automatic (you can even use e.g. country / sex-based filtering) matching and manual table creation; quite a few players+ / - / + (with sounds)Touch33192Yes, if you do like the genre and want a game with more online players to play than with e.g. Astraware Board Gamesn/t
    Live Poker by Zynga 3.2ITUNESPokerfreeExcellentOpponent 2...9Lounge +Hundreds of thousands of concurrent players; matchmaking found an opponent in no timeTorunaments, tables etc+ / - / + (with sounds)Touch3.53.586149If you're a fan of online poker, this title should be the first to check outn/t
    Office Tanks by ET NETERA 1.0ITUNES2D tank shooter & strategy$1OKHead-to-head2...4Wi-Fi localn/an/an/a- / - / +Touchn/en/en/e45Yes - assuming you stick to larger maps where you can involve more strategy. Useless for single player.This is a game allowing up to four players over Wi-Fi (no BT / lounge). The larger the map you select when creating the game, the more strategy you can involve. You need to capture the enemy / neutral flags in order to pump up your tank production, which, then, can be used to attack your enemies. During direct attacks, you must use tank micromanagement to keep them always moving (it’s much harder to hit a moving tank than a standing one). In single player, it’s pretty pointless and can be hardly used to practice (apart from controlling the tanks).
    YouTube video HERE.
    Tank War - Bluetooth Battle by 1.0ITUNES2D tank shooter$1OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a- / - / +Touch2.5n/a4822well, IMHO, Office Tanks by ET NETERA certainly has much more up-to-date graphics, faster and more challenging gameplay and involves more strategy, particularly on bigger maps. That is, I'd prefer getting it first. Nevertheless, you may want to give this title a try too, particularly if you need / prefer BT over local Wi-Fi.This game seem to have been developed by the same folks as Attack PRO – Wireless Bluetooth Spaceship Battle. Fortunately, it isn't suffering from the same bug when playing between an iPhone 3G and a iPhone 3G S.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Bust-A-Move by TAITO Corporation 1.1.0ITUNESColor matcher$5OKParallel2BTn/an/an/a+ / + / -Touch4411934Well, you might like it; I, nevertheless, find it a bit pricey ($5!) for a simple color matcher game which doesn't have any kind of non-parallel (!) multiplayerYouTube video HERE.
    ShapeShape by inXile Entertainment 3.0ITUNESRolando knock-off $1 now (08/22/2009; regular: $3).
    Remark (10/09/2009): the price seems to be permanently dropped to $1
    OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / + / +Touch3354944Given that the game isn't just parallel (but you do play on the same map, also meaning collecting stars before your opponent does the same), it's pretty recommended - particularly for $1YouTube video HERE.
    10 Pin Shuffle™ (Bowling) by Digital Smoke LLC 1.20ITUNESBowling$2OKParallel (turn-based)2local Wi-Fi and BTn/an/an/a+ / - / + (with sounds)Touch445184-Not bad-
    iMech by Flying Dino 1.0ITUNESMech / transformers 3D deatchmatchStarting price: $3; it almost immediately dropped to $1 and stayed (as of 10/09/2009) at that.3G: a bit choppy (not taht recommended); 3G S: OKHead-to-head2...8Lounge+; pre-defined strings only08/22 18:00 West/East-European server: 2Accounts or anon play+ / + (excellent music!)Touch3n/a117834Given that there're so few FPS games and iFPS, while it's free, is pretty lousy and the only similar multiplayer game I know of, RoboFighters by Team4000 Software LLC, is way worse (while it costs exactly the same), I can recommend this title.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Reign of Swords Ep IITUNESTurn-based strategy$2; lite version doesn't support MP at allOKHead-to-head2Lounge only- (!)08/22/2009 Sat 16:00: I've received 2 challenges from other playersLadder; inviting your buddies only or anyone+ / -Touch443411454Not recommended if you plan to play multiplayer. It's FAR better implemented in the successor (Ep II). Go for it instead, unless you don't want to touch MP. Also, please read my separate comments and links on why I don't recommend the MP of Ep I in my article, in the "(UPDATE 08/23 12:14 CET)" update.-
    Reign of Swords Ep IIITUNES; as of 10/18/2009, seems to be removedTurn-based strategy$5; lite version doesn't support MP at allOKHead-to-head2Lounge only- (!)08/22/2009 Sat 17:00: I've received 1 challenges from other playersLadder; inviting your buddies only - or anyone+ / -Touch(removed)(removed)(removed)555Highly recommended. Multiplayer is FAR better than in the predecessor (Ep I). You don't need to purchase the previous game to be able to understand & play this title. Also, please read my separate comments and links on why I don't recommend the MP of Ep I in my article, in the "(UPDATE 08/23 12:14 CET)" update. It also contains a lot of additional tips & tricks.-
    iPunchOut Boxing by Ecoshop Holding, LLCITUNESAccelerometer-based “boxing”$1OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/an/tn/t225111n/tn/t
    Aera by iChromo 1.0ITUNESFlying shooter$3Not very good on 3G, nice on 3G SHead-to-head2Local Wi-Fi onlyn/an/an/a+ / - / +Tilt only / + / -3n/a28934Not reallyI don't think you want to prefer it to F.A.S.T. Fleet Air Superiority Training! by SGN - the latter seems to be far better (and even cheaper). I don't think you want to prefer it to F.A.S.T. Fleet Air Superiority Training! by SGN - the latter seems to be far better (and even cheaper). Note that, as I didn’t want to learn all the different accelerometer-based tricks for control (which I quickly show – by showing the built-in help – in the beginning of the video), I don’t show a real one-on-one fight in the demo video, much more just a demo on how fast the game is on the two iPhone models (3G and 3G S), how reliable the communication is etc. YouTube video HERE.
    Krazy Kart Racers (US) by Konami Digital Entertainment 1.1.5ITUNESKart racing$3OK on 3G, great on 3G SHead-to-head8Local Wi-Fi, direct IP entering and lounge with a (at the time, non-working) German and (working) Swedish server-9/23 7:23AM CET: noneOnly game listing, nothing else (no chat etc)+ / + / +Tilt / Touch; - / +3n/e7334If you do need multiplayer, currently (9/23) this is the only kart racing title to offer itKonami’s kart title. Not as good as that of Gameloft or Eurocenter, in my opinion. YouTube video HERE.
    Alive 4-ever by Meridian 1.0.3ITUNES2D top-view zombie shooter$1Stuttering somewhat on 3G, OK on 3G SCooperative2BTn/an/an/a+ / + / - (not even by disabling everything)Touch only44269955Taking the price into account, pretty nice - assuming you do want to play games abundant in bloodYouTube MP demo video HERE.
    AR3NA by VPI.Net 1.0ITUNESRound based RPG / strategy$2OKHead-to-head2BT; also seems to offer online (lounge-based) remote play; however, tapping it seems to take one to local BT playn/a (?)n/a (?)n/a (?)+ / +Touch4n/a544Seems promising; however, I think there are better round-based strategy titles - e.g., Reign of Swords Ep II. YouTube MP demo video HERE. Note that I didn't really show how e.g. attacks are made.
    Baaahlast by Big Nerd Ranch, Inc. 1.0ITUNESArtillery$3OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touchn/en/en/e11There are much better artillery games out there - Star Hogs by IUGO and Iron Sight by Polarbit - if the lounge-only approach isn't a problem (or is an advantage), check them out firstFrankly, I don't think it's worth the $3...
    YouTube video HERE.
    Catcha Mouse 3 by Odasoft 1.0ITUNESPuzzle$1OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi and BTn/an/an/a+ / +Touchn/en/an/e55You need to stop your opponent (if he's selected playing the mouse) from getting to any of the holes by placing traps in front of him. Great fun, highly recommended for the priceMultiplayer must be explicitly enabled in Options; it's there that you can also select between Wi-Fi and BT. YouTube demo video HERE.
    Coin Soccer by Miharo Games 1.1ITUNESPenny football$1OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch3.53794-If you like or want to learn coin soccer aka Penny football(see THIS for more info on the rules [note that they're also explained in the help system of the game]), check it outPretty nice
    Minesweeper Flags by Rits Plasman 1.1ITUNESMinesweeperfreeOKHead-to-head (played on the same map)2BT and online lounge-based+; note that the other party gets notified of the incoming messages only by a sound effect9/23 11:37AM CET: several (at least six) other players joined my game (nevertheless, the game warns of few players, stating it's a new title with, consequently, few online players)Automatic game joining / pairing - that is, you can't explicitly choose your buddy to play; stats+ (not heard when iPod is playing) / - / +Touch2n/e226For free, highly recommended
    Hyper Puck by Kieffer Bros. 1.0ITUNESSuffle Puck controlled by shooting on and picking up goodies (e.g., shield and tiple shot)$1OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fin/an/an/a+ / + (nice but can be a bit repetitive; different music for the other arena, selectable from Edit) / + (you must disable music in More / Settings first)Touch for aiming; tilt for controlling your pad / - / + (left/right only)4n/a1045Pretty nice for the price; however, note it's not the traditional shuffle puck with plain shuffling your bat. If you need the traditional shuffle puck type of game, look for Air Hockey by Acceleroto (LITE) if playing on the same iPhone isn't a problem (as of version 1.1.113 [1.0.3 with the Lite version], wireless multiplayer still isn't supported.) The same stands for World Cup Air Hockey by Skyworks Interactive 1.1 [Lite version: 1.4] - only online rakings are supported; true multiplayer is only on the same iDevice. Air Hockey Fingertips Sports by Sea Lion Games (as of version 1.4) and AirHockey by Nicolas Solan (as of v1.023) are also suffering from this problem. iPuck by BluMtnWerx (version 1.2) only supports score challenges in Facebook. Note that iNinja [Lite] (see above) with real (local Wi-Fi) multiplayer is still more far away from real Shuffle Puck than this title.Only available in the US AppStore; make sure you switch to "Slow" from the "Classic deathmatch" type in Edit if you find the game too fast.

    YouTube MP demo video HERE.
    iRaft Wars by iTech Development Systems 2.5 (Lite version 1.0)ITUNESArtillery$2 (lite version doesn't support MP)OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi local (remote lounge only pomised for future versions)n/an/an/a+ / -Touch3.53.529023Not really recommendedOn the poor and overpriced side if you take into account other artillery games: There are much better artillery games out there - Star Hogs by IUGO and Iron Sight by Polarbit - if the lounge-only approach isn't a problem (or is an advantage), check them out first
    Robocalypse - Mobile Mayhem by Vogster Entertainment, LLCITUNESRTS (realtime strategy)$5OKHead-to-head; team (with more than two players online)2..4Wi-Fi local or remote lounge-9/23 1:05PM CET: Chicago: 0/0; Moscow: 1/0; New York: 1/0Server / game / team selection; no chat+ / + / -Touch4435155In my opinion, not bad, albeit some players have complained of the game mechanics and stated it isn't worth the price. Yup, you can't expect a Starcraft clone...Review HERE.
    YouTube MP demo video HERE. (Note that it only shows the first 2-3 minutes and doesn't show how non-early game is played.)
    Blades of Fury by Gameloft 1.0ITUNESFighting (street fighter clone)$7Great, even on the 3GHead-to-head2Wi-Fi local or BT; make sure you disable Wi-Fi for the latter to work n/an/an/a+ / + (great in-game music, as is pretty common with Gameloft's titles)Touch (either virtual D-pad or drag; selectable)4n/a50455Great and highly recommended if you like high-end street fighter clonesYouTube demo video HERE
    Real Soccer 2010 by Gameloft 1.0ITUNESSoccer$7Great, even on the 3GHead-to-head2Wi-Fi local, BT (continuously disconnected on me on starting the game) and remote lounge with full gaming support-9/23 3:18PM: Found an opponent at once with random opponent selectionCreate rooms (doesn't have to rely on random opponent assignment)+ / + (great in-game music, as is pretty common with Gameloft's titles)Touch4.5n/a62155Great and highly recommended if you like high-end soccer gamesSupports Push notification for remote opponent invitation
    Adrenaline Golf Online by Eurocenter 1.0ITUNESGolf$1 (!!) - intro priceOKParallel2...4Remote lounge-9/24 10:24PM CET: 20 players; I've immediately found three opponents in automatic match-making - as with Eurocenter's games in general, a lot of online playersCreate / join rooms and automatic matchmaking+ / +Touch3.53.523855Quite a steal at the intro price - go get it, particularly if you have a 3G S (it looks excellent on it)YouTube MP demo video HERE.
    Snake DOS by Andy Lin 1.0ITUNESSnake$1 (intro price; note that a free client version will soon be released for strictly multiplayer games; also see how PocketCommodore64 3.0 works in multiplayer mode on Windows Mobile)OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / - / +Touch4.5n/a295-Great if you're a Snakes fanYouTube MP demo video HERE. Note that, the game being very fast-paced and I kept continuously dying when controlling both sides at the same time, I (alone) couldn't make a decent video of how the in-game play really looks like.
    Hip Hop All Star by I-playITUNESMusic$3OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / +Touch2.5n/a5244Great if you like music games and/or hiphopYouTube MP demo video HERE.
    Pool by PosiMotion 2.0ITUNESPool$2OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fin/an/an/a+ / -Touch3n/a51123I really don't think it's worth the price - I think Adrenaline Pool Online 2 by Eurocenter is way better a choice
    Sprint Addict Online by Champen Studios, S.L. 1.0.0ITUNESRacing$13G: very poor and badly stuttering; 3G S: OKHead-to-head2..10Remote lounge-10/2 around 21:00 CET: noonechat, whois, whoami etc.+ / + (very repetitive)Touch + Accelerator / - / ?2.5n/a10Really poor - there isn't much point in getting it.Note that you can also register your account from your desktop browser at .
    YouTube MP demo video HERE.
    FIFA 10 by EA SPORTS 1.0.2ITUNESSoccer$103G S: great; 3G: acceptableHead-to-head2Wi-Fin/an/an/a+ / +Touch4n/a46555Great! It looks very coolYouTube video HERE; TouchArcade review HERE.
    Galcon Labs by Phil Hassey 1.8ITUNESStrategy$1 (intro price)GreatSee with Galcon2...4Lounge-based-10/06 17:02CET: at least 15Create / join tables+ / +Touch4n/a10855While the new four modes don't add much to the original Galcon, at $1, it's still a very good choice - particularly for people that can't afford the more expensive originalDedicated TouchArcade thread.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Cocoto Kart Online by Eurocenter 1.0ITUNESKart racing$1 (limited time intro price; will be raised to $3)3G (without music): acceptable; 3G S: greatHead-to-head2...4Remote lounge only- (promised, though)10/03 20:02CET: at least 15Automatic /manual opponent search; create / select / join games+ / +Tilt (default) or touch4n/a35055For this price, a steal - go get it! MP, while it's remote only, is excellent and almost lag-free.YouTube video HERE. Note that it has been taken over a (for upload) heavily taxed network connection; this is why it's stuttering this bad. On a network connection with way less traffic, it would have worked flawlessly.
    Chess Elite by 99Games 1.2ITUNESChess$4 (between 10/3 and 10/5/2009, it was $1)OKHead-to-head2Remote lounge; non-FICS / ICS!-10/03/2009 17:12 CET: several dozens of players; I've received two invitations at oncelisting possible opponents, sending them an invitation etc.+ / -Touch3311045For $1, it was a steal. For $4 - well, dunno...Uses Push for notification - excellent!
    YouTube MP demo video HERE.
    iSamurai Bluetooth by Toy Kite Software 2.0ITUNESAccelerometer-based "sword" game$2; sometimes for freeOKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi, BTn/an/an/a+ / -Accelerometer2.5486045Much better than other accelerator-based multiplayer "games" like Quick Draw Cowboy Gunfight by ACME Mobile Products - here, the accelerometer is not only used to track the quick change from being in a vertical postition to horizontal, but also other positions, movemens, strikes and blockings. All this is explained pretty nicely and thoroughly in the in-tutorial animations (see my video!)Dedicated thread HERE; pretty nice videos HERE. My video only shows the tutorials and the two devices connecting, NOT the actual fight! YouTube video HERE.
    Bluetooth Wireless Tennis with Agnieszka Radwanska by FUN and MOBILE 1.0ITUNESTennis$3OKHead-to-head2Wi-Fi, BTn/an/an/a+ / -Touch4n/a544I think it's definitely easier to play than either Ace Tennis Online by Eurocenter or Real Tennis 2009 by Gameloft. Also note that while this is strictly a local BT game, RT2009 is Wi-Fi and Eurocenter's title, as usual, online only. This pretty much nails down your choice depending on your networking topology and whether you have a local mate to play against.Dedicated thread HERE.
    YouTube video HERE.
    LightBike Online by Pankaku Inc. 1.2.2ITUNES3D Tron$1OKHead-to-head2Hotseat (with divided screen), Wi-Fi and online lounge. The latter lags so bad (at least from Europe) that it is completely unplayable.-10/9/2009: 0(only) automatic match-making after playing a test match to find out one's strength+ / +Touch3.54759144OK, unless you want to play your mates on the same Wi-Fi network or, using the same network, online.Some AppStore reviewers state it's not working online. It does. Nevertheless, as is also shown on the YouTube video, it will severely lag in some (very) special cases - fortunately, not when you just play people from far away. YouTube video HERE.
    KIL.A.TON by Dot Matrix Interactive Design 1.1ITUNESArtillery shooter$3OKHead-to-head2...6Online lounge-10/9/2009 15:05PM: 1create / manually join games+ / -Touch3.5428744Not bad. Nevertheless, I think both Star Hogs by IUGO and Iron Sight by Polarbit are better.YouTube video HERE. Note that it was made just a day before the 1.1 upgrade, which is stated to have a lot of new weapons.
    Shrek Kart by GameloftITUNESKart$53G: acceptable, 3G S: goodHead-to-head2...6BT and local Wi-Fin/an/an/a+ / -Tilt4n/a7644Not bad - but I'd check out Cocoto Kart Online by Eurocenter first, particularly if you want remote (network) play.Also see THIS and THIS for more info.
    YouTube video HERE.
    Ancient War by Triniti Interactive Limited 1.2ITUNESCivilization IV / Cartoon Wars-alike (very light strategy)$13G: prone to total slowdown when there're a lot of sprites to animate (see particularly the end of the multiplayer demo video), 3G S: OKHead-to-head2Remote lounge-10/14 12:20: 3Create / join games+ / +Touch441204-It's pretty much like the mobile (heavily dumbed-down) version of Civilization 4YouTube video HERE.
    The Reactor by Facet Studios LLC 1.1ITUNESTetris$1OKParallel2Wi-Fi and BTn/an/an/a+ / +Touchn/en/en/e33IMHO, isn't better than the comparable titles (e.g., Mino) - apart from being able to be played offline, via BTYouTube video HERE.
    ATV Offroad by 2XL Games 1.0ITUNESMotor racing$8Excellent, even on the 3G. One of the best and most polished titles in this regard.Head-to-head2...4local Wi-Fin/an/an/a+ / +Accelerometer4.5n/a37555So far, it has received great reviews - check out if you're a fan of the genre. TouchArcade thread HERE, frontpage news HERE.YouTube video HERE.
    Play Marbles by Darkside Entertainment 1.2ITUNESMarbles$2OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / +Touch + tilt44.55344-Great if you like the genreYouTube video HERE.
    Quantum Collapse (RTS) by Javier Davalos 1.2ITUNESRTS$2OKHead-to-head2BTn/an/an/a+ / +Touch3.53.523433Not the best, but, given that there're not many RTS'es for the platform, you may still want to give it a tryBT multiplayer doesn't seem to work between a 3G and a 3GS, both jailbroken and running 3.1.2. (Of course, the game is official.) YouTube video HERE.
    Warfare Icorporated by Spiffcode Inc. 1.6Currently, not visible in ITUNES?RTS$5OKHead-to-head2...4Remote lounge+10/17/2009: about 25chat, create/join games+ / -Touch???554Recommended if you like the RTS genreYouTube video HERE. Note: the Windows Mobile version (YouTube video HERE) isn't interoperable with the iPhone one as the former simply doesn't support remote multiplayer, only local one. This is also shown in the video.
    Mecho Wars by Luc Bernard 1.6ITUNESTBS (Turn-based strategy)$5OKHead-to-head2Remote lounge-10/17/2009: about 25create/join games+ / +Touch3.53.5467555Excellent! A must try.YouTube video HERE.
    Rock Band by EAITUNESRhtym game$10OKCollaborative2...4BTn/an/an/a+ / + (of course)Touch4.5n/a36455The TouchArcade folks seem to like it very much.Also see THIS for a discussion (frontpage news item HERE), YouTube video HERE.
    Air Force Online by CDE 1.0ITUNESTop-down shooter$1OKHP, survival, CCF2...8Remote lounge-10/19/2009 16:40: 0Create / join games+ / - / + (even allows direct access to iPod library from inside Settings [by tapping iPod])Touch / tilt / - / + (only left/ right is used)n/en/en/e22IMHO, this title isn't very interesting. I've enjoyed Siberian Strike by Gameloft much better - and it is also $1 only (note that $1 seems to be only the intro price of this game).YouTube video HERE.
    Harbor Master by Imangi Studios 1.6ITUNESFlight Control-alike$1OKparallel2BTn/an/an/aTouch+ / +43.52378343IMHO, Fligh Control is more fun and has better (cooperative, non-parallel) multiplayer gameplayYouTube video HERE; TA thread HERE
    Sniper Vs Sniper: Online by Com2uS Corp 1.0.1ITUNESSniper game$5OKHead-to-head, 2v2 team2...4LoungePartial (pre-defined strings / audio)10/22/2009: at least 20chat, invite, separate channelsTouch + tilt+4.54.5285-Not bad at all - and there are a lot of online players.YouTube video HERE; TA mini-review HERE, dedicated thread HERE.