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Please note that, due to lack of time, I no longer maintain the contents of this site; it's only functioning as a database backend. I post my new stuff to my Pocket PC Magazine Expert Blog instead.

Yes, I'm a member Pocket PC magazine Board of Experts 2005; see this

Note that it'll take some days to set up my blog/dynamic content management system - my current webspace provider doesn't really support them. My new one at Pocket PC Magazine, however, will start soon!

Before I move/integrate this page to the Pocket PC Magazine blog/column, you can still access my stuff here. As opposed to my archived artciles up to 15/Sep/2005 (please check it if you haven't already done so!), I've switched to linking my new articles/posts in decreasing chronological order so that you can make generic search more easily. TUTORIAL: Setting up a Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN): PPCT, iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Continued uploading stuff to my Pocket PC Mag Expert blog. Starting to have some real contents.

RELEASE: Ipaqman with a decent installer & storage card support Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Some Pocket Streets 2005-related advice (memory consumption & speed). Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Didn't have much time for writing today/yesterday - worked very hard on my lecture on Storage Systems. Now, I'm a storage systems pro :)

My Pocket PC Mag Expert blog has been started (still in beta!) - I'm in the process of populating it with tons of question/answer pairs. Well worth checking out - please note, however, that it's still in beta!

Streaming radio station over slow GPRS connections

Should I stick to Thunderhawk on my QVGA device?


iPAQ Backup doesn't see my backup file on my storage card!

Read DjVu files on the Pocket PC. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Another very informative thread on memory, relocation and storage cards

How do I disable the blinking BT LED on my iPAQ?

My newly received battery is dead. Reasons?. Also posted a note on the initial battery charging here. I really recommend these posts if you want to know how to charge batteries.

Can you use Pocket PC's with a BT keyboard and a BT GPRS mobile phone at the same time? I've heard only one BT unit can be actively connected to Pocket PC's at a time.

WM5 soft button issues

Should I wait for 802.11g PDA's (for example, the new F-S N-series PDA's) or should I get a 'plain old' 802.11b? What's the difference in a slowish PDA?


Updated my Infrared Remote Controller Roundup on Vito Remote CCF-compliance links and some (minor) news on NoviiRemote Standard.

My cable Internet connection goes on and off every 2 minutes. What may be the problem?

I'm having problems with my battery in my old(ish) PPC - my Pocket PC switches off at 10...20...30% charge level, unlike when it was new.

TUTORIAL: resizing/downsampling .AVI videos. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


What's that Pocket PC in the ThinkOutside ad?

How should I avoid the problem of SD cards popping out of my Pocket PC and getting lost while not used?

How come my memory card is mapped to (its contents is accessible under) SD/CF/Storage Card2? A full explanation of the causes for this problem and the solution.

How do I install Pocket PC programs that come as EXE files on my PDA if I don't have any (Windows) desktop computer?

1. where are my programs installed to? How do I make them be installed on a memory card? 2. I'm told Pocket Internet Explorer version needs to be upgraded. What should I do? 3. is there a WM5 upgrade for my iPAQ rx3115? What do you think about WM5 in general?

Any AM/FM CF/SD radio cards out there?

What do you know about Wi-Fi synching in AS4? - with a link collection.

How loud is the built-in speaker of the Dell Axim x50v/x51v? What are the best available car mounts with built-in amplifier + speaker?

Change your iPAQ hx4700 language & iPAQ hx4700 bootloader information

Help! My Toshiba e310 (a PPC2k2, StrongARM 206MHz device) can't play full-size DivX videos.

Programming Bluetooth in Java/.NET CF on the Pocket PC

Can you give me some pointers to WM5 software compatibility lists?

How do I create Mobipocket and MS Reader documents?


When will hw6715 come? Should I get the Jasjar?

Help! I've deleted the link to Nevo !

I-Mate JasJar vs Dell Axim X51v vs HP iPaq hx2190 benchmarks. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand.

Which is the best bookreader?

How do I hard reset the iPAQ 2200, 3800, 3900, 5100, 5400, 5500, rx and hx series? Can you give directions to hard resetting guides of other PDA's? This thread discusses hard resetting the h31xx/36xx/37xx.


Combined GPS/Pocket PC devices? Java?

How do I add picture attachments to mail on PPC? I also elaborate a lot on why certain files on storage cards can't be seen in the file chooser of Messaging.

How should I install WMP skins on my QVGA Pocket PC? A tutorial. Also, some rants on Microsoft's not documenting almost anything Pocket PC-related for the public.

Rants on Vodafone; new corrections of their GPRS tutorials

How can I play X-COM on my Pocket PC? Also, a lot of info/links on why it's almost impossible to emulate a 486 PC on a Pocket PC with tolerable speed.

I just love to be loved :)

Another memory-related thread - really worth reading! - I also discuss archiving and looking up AS-synchronized Outlook mail on the PDA to/on a storage card, instead of the default RAM.

Another storage card-related thread - really worth reading!
Alternative here.


How can I use Today themes on my Pocket PC 2000 device?

Serial cable compatibility of the old HP Handheld PC series

The ever-green question about changing the Pocket Internet Explorer User-Agent string

Still debating on the HTC Universal and WM5 in general

TIP: Solutions for ActiveSync significantly slowing down Windows Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

I keep hearing contradicting information on what car charger should be used with the Dell Axim x50/x51 series. Can you help?


Can you elaborate on the BT range of different PDA's?

Japanese-English dictionaries for the PPC

How much CPU resources does AS consume? A detailed comparison of version 3.8 and 4.0 in this respect - did you know it likes consuming a lot of CPU cycles even when inactive?

How should I input Unicode characters into my Pocket PC?


RELOCATION TIP: Installing Jeode 1.7.3+ into non-RAM memory. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

HX2410 or LifeDrive?

Automatic configuration script for proxy / LAN settings - can they be used on a PPC?


Which converged GPS + Phone + PDA should I get?
- a generic overview of converged devices

My thoughts on the new Star Wreck episode. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

TIP: Hide the Software Input Panel - a roundup of 3 null-SIP's. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Help! When I try to copy files from my memory card (via ActiveSync), some files just can't be copied.

How can I keep my connection alive? It keeps disconnecting after some minutes if I don't access the Net - a full tutorial on using the Ping utility of vxUtil.

Should I use Spb Clone for simple backup/restore operations?

Are there Gtalk clients for the Pocket PC?

How can I connect anything serial to my old iPAQ?

Why does HP suck so bad at innovating?

Added Texas Instruments OMAP CPU compliance information to my roundup of all infrared remote controller apps (also see: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT, FirstLoox, BrightHand)


Can I access shared directories on my desktop computer over a USB ActiveSync-based connection?

Is it possible to put icons in the traybar without using programs like iLauncher or TrayLaunch in the PHM Pocket PC Power Toys, by just a simple, say, registry edit?

How do I use the Microsoft Pocket PC Expense PowerToy on post-PPC2k2 devices? May I remove its second icon from \Windows\Start Menu\Programs? Can I relocate its DLL's? Are there alternatives to this app? If yes, recommend some!

How do I format my Built-in Storage (BIS) or File Store (FS)?

Media controllers on the Pocket PC

What ActiveSync-synchronized stuff must be stored in main RAM memory, and what can be kept elsewhere? Also, hacks for keeping tons of ActiveSync-synchronized mail on your PDA without keeping them in main memory

Why there aren't USB2 host-capable Pocket PC's? Alternative here.

Why are Pocket PC screens still 16-bit?

A tutorial on really wiping out deleted Categories using WindowsCE system database editors
(Alternatives: PPCT, iPAQ HQ, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand)

Where do I find the pinouts of the synch connector of my iPAQ? (Regarding all iPAQ's starting with the h3800 series)

Yet another F-S N520 thread/debate.


How do I use Terminal Services Client / Remote Desktop on my Pocket PC? - also with additional links on, for example, bandwidth reduction tips

Some remarks on WM5 in general and on the PPC6700 in particular

How do I define my own sounds/notifications?

Added Samsung CPU compliance information to my roundup of all infrared remote controller apps (also see: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT, FirstLoox, BrightHand)

Why is my SanDisk Wi-Fi SD card so slow?

The backlight on my iPAQ is dim while operating on battery power and bright while it's on AC. What should I do?

Which is the best Pocket PC today?

Palm-to-PPC conversion-related questions (StyleTap, doc readers, games)

My comments on the EOL process of the iPAQ hx4700, on current VGA devices and on why I just don't like the Dell Axim x51v

Posted a link collection of my newer, PPC Web browsing, connection management, native VGA-related (so that you can switch to native VGA mode) threads/articles to the infamous 'Pocket PC Web browsers - the complete roundup' threads ( FirstLoox, iPAQ HQ (sticky!), AximSite, PPC Magazine, PPCT (frontpage!), BrightHand, PocketMatrix).


My Messaging client wouldn't connect via POP3. What should I do?

Added a review of the new NoviiRemote 3.1 Deluxe to my remote controller roundup.

The definitive registry viewer/editor roundup. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Added a review of the new ViTO Remote 4.0 to my remote controller roundup.
Also see this thread.


Using Sony Memory Stick Duos in PDA's with CF slots

Added a review of InMobile AllMyShortcuts to my Today launcher/meter article (PPCT, iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand).

Help! Where do I find a full list of registry tweaks?


I've just noticed my 'VGA demystified' article (which has even become a Pocket PC Thoughts frontpage news) in the Aximsite x50/x51 forum too, also as sticky.

Can I connect two Pocket PC's to my desktop computer at the same time?

How do I save my SMS messages on a PPC PE device?

May I use RegKing2003 (which is last updated for WM2003 devices) on a WM2003SE device? Won't screw it up my PDA? - a quick summary of the Registry differences between the two devices

A new bug found in NetFront 3.3.101 as opposed to version 3.2. On the other hand, the new, 1.01 build, as opposed to 1.0, already supports link copying. (also see the other NF 3.3 1.0 threads posted on 09/05/2005).

'Hidden' files and registry entries that also should be cleaned up Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


ftxPBrowser on VGA devices - some example screenshots

My built-in mike in my Pocket PC is pretty noisy. What can I do?

What's the difference between the WM2003 and the WM2003SE Connection Manager?

I-Mate Jasjar (HTC Universal) screen quality / WM5 font size-related discussion

The usual WM5 questions: battery life enhancements (which always causes a LOT of misunderstandings and high exceptions); RAM usage

Everything you wanted to know about manually setting the storage/program memory slider - I'll, later, make this a self-standing, even better article!

The usual question about whether a Pocket PC can be used as a handsfree/headset unit during a phone conversation with an external BT phone

I've updated the NetRemote section, added iPAQ 36xx/PPC2k2 and PPc2k-related info and quite a few new links in the IR controller roundup.

TIP: Don't throw away that old iPAQ... it can even save you $400 as a Philips ProntoPro replacement! Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand.

My opinions on the current/new, already known devices - a generic overview of current, mostly high-end devices.

VGA screens in direct sunlight. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Today launcher/meter plug-ins - the complete roundup. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Some direct Palm vs PPC comparison

Additional information on TraRes0409.96.dll and msim.96.dll (additional info to my article on native VGA mode: PPCT frontpage, AximSite sticky, FirstLoox)


How do I send mail from the Earthlink network?

Tell me more about output to external VGA monitors/TV sets!

My desktop PC recognizes my PDA as a unknown USB device. I haven't installed ActiveSync. What should I do?

Is it worth switching to WM5, if I can do it now and I only have only one VGA device?


How do I read large (Megabytes in size) textfiles on my Pocket PC?

How do I open native (CAD) vector graphics on the Pocket PC?

Can I play the Java-based poker game at on my Pocket PC?

How do I relocate Spb Pocket Plus' actionsender.exe?

Another 'Notification Error'; now, at the beginning of ActiveSync'ing. What should I do?

A quick review of Minimo 0.009 (frontpaged!). Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Added a complete review of Fonix VoiceCentral 3.0 to yesterday's Voice Command app roundup. (See PPCT, iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand).


My remarks on Mysaifu JVM 1.0.4, a promising, new, free JVM for the PPC

Which one should I choose - x50 or the Asus a716?

Some (new - see the linked PPCT thread for the old!) comments (compatibility tests) on the new, free and promising Mysaifu JVM

A summary of changing/setting the FileList control colors

Voice controllers for the Pocket PC Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


My initial thoughts on the Dell Axim x51v

Other usage areas of Toonel - share your PDA Internet connection with other, BT PAN-enabled devices - have also forgotten to link this post 10 days ago


Connectivity framework, Work exceptions - what are they? (Forgot to link it a week ago.)

Sound/audio/voice recorder applications


How can I use a PDA with a broken screen?


Help! Whenever I try to connect to GPRS, a country/area code is inserted in front of the number! What should I do?

Everything you wanted to know about the built-in Pocket PC spellchecker/word completion dictionaries. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand
(A spiced-up version of Install a Word spellcheck dictionary of any language on your PPC; Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand.)

"Menneisyys apreciation thread" - no comment :)

Some of my articles:

An exhaustive article on generic PDA connectivity issues. Non-English.

An exhaustive article on everything related to accessing GSM phones from under WinCE. Non-English.

An exhaustive article on image viewers / editors on the PPC platform.

A comparative review of the FUjitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720 and some other PDA's

FUjitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720 vs. the iPAQ hx4700

Microsoft Portrait - an intro and some hacks

Storage card speed and power consumption measurements(pretty old article; dates back to Aug. 2003!)

Generic introduction to PDA's (pretty old article; dates back to Aug. 2003!) Non-English.

Video/audio streaming etc. on Windows CE (pretty old article; dates back to Jan. 2003!) Non-English.

Some of my PDA's (pretty old article; dates back to Oct. 2003!)

Roundup of all the available PPC-based CHM reader solutions. Also linked from here.

How much CPU time do Today plug-ins/synchronized emails/Wi-Fi/BT keyboard drivers "eat"?

my Mobipocket Reader- Web Companion support pack & HTTP proxy (pretty old article/program; dates back to Spring, 2003!)

Some notable articles/ posts I've posted to international Pocket PC boards. Most of these threads have either been started by me or it was me who contributed some relevant info there that may be of interest to a lot of other people too.

A complete list of current image editors'/viewers' VGA compliance

The secrets of Pocket Internet Explorer/VGA rendering explored with some practical/useful advice I also recommend this thread (it also made to a recommended, front-page article!) on the same subject.

A review of Mad Programmer's Force Hi-resolution tool V1.50 - much better alternative than the traditional way of the forced VGA hack! It also contains a lot of information on [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\init], the alternative to \Windows\Startup.

some advice on making photos of TV sets with a lot of examples

RAM, ROM, flash ROM and everything that's related to them. An alternative (much more terse) thread on the same subject is here, here and here.

a lot of benchmarks (especially those of some Today plug-ins and browsers) - a MUST read!

my first impressions with NetFront 3.2. Over time, this thread has become the focal point of NF 3.1 bug collection. Also made to the Pocket PC Thoughts main page. I also recommend on this subject, espcially the references to my previous, NetFront-related posts.

advanced tips and hacks for installing programs on the Pocket PC - how to extract CAB files from desktop install EXE files, where CAB files are stored in the desktop file system if not in \Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync etc.

program relocation - a tutorial

relocate Spb Pocket Plus, one of the best Today plug-ins, into the file store

Advanced relocation hacking

For people interested in my posts on Wi-Fi related stuff (WiFiFofum, Odyssey, WZC), I recommend the following threads:

For people interested in my posts on USB hosting-related stuff (alternative technologies, CF USB host cards, alternative USB host drivers - Deje, Ratoc etc), I recommend the following threads:
- prolly the best

Changing the List view colors (theme generators/today wallpaper setters written for PPC2k2 mess up ) in WM2003+

My link collection of most threads discussing the differences between current (WM2003SE) VGA devices, their most important problems etc:

Comparative (screen) tests of VGA PDA's - a very informative thread

What some "must have" programs for a PDA Newbie?

My list on available remote controller apps / hardware

Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720 ROM upgrade-related hacks and tips from me:
- the most important one

How to store Messaging/Inbox mail attachments on a storage card?

USB host file copying speed

My list of previous cases of PDA manufacturers refusing to release major operating system upgrades

My article on advanced sound recorders for the Pocket PC:
- it's linked from here
Also see
Also check out my quick test of Vianix Pocket Talk Enterprise Pro. Alternative for example here. In addition, here's a quick test of Yoho Voice Recorder Version 2.03. A summarization and a comparison to the GSM codec here.

Another reason to get a VGA device - running Legend Entertainment's old adventures reviewed. Was also published on the 22nd page of the July 2005 Pocket PC Magazine (see paper/PDF edition).

Wi-Fi benchmarks; FTP and other TCP/IP benchmarks

List and quick intro of mobile phone handler apps for the Pocket PC. Some alternatives here.

An explanation of why current Pocket PC's can't act as handsfree BT devices

EXPLODE ARENA: a new BT multiplayer game from InfiniteDreams - a review

PIEPlus V1.3 Beta2 - a quick review (it has a lot of links to my existing MultiIE/PIEplus/etc. posts!)

My lists and, with, Valentin Iliescu's multiplayer chess, a review & tips of BT-capable, other games

My experiences with StyleTap, a great Palm OS emulator for the Pocket PC New info/discussion on, for example, MathLib-compliance, here.

VGA CF cards and remote controller apps to display the PPC screen on the PC and control the Pocket PC from the desktop. Make sure you also follow my links for additional hacks (for example, the VGA hack for ActiveSync Remote Display).

Fix the GIF saving (compressing) bug in SOTI Pocket Controller

Relocate MS Reader to a storage card

Cleaning up DB_notify_events to get rid of "Notification Error - Cannot execute XXX.exe" messages at switching on the device

Alternative Messenger apps for the PPC

Unbound Med's Taber's install problems

Using Pocket PC's as security camera clients; using Windows Media Encoder. Also see this thread on a similar subject (broadcasting/streaming video to PPC's). An alternative thread, discussing the D-Link 2100+ camera, is located here.

How the Registry stores Uninstall information and what can you do with this?

My review of the current PPC Web browsers and all PIE plug-ins - a real must if you have WM2003SE! Alternative here.

Setting up GPRS connections on a PDA. Alternative here. I really recommend the linked threads from it. Here, I also scrutinize and correct Vodafone USA's tutorial for setting up connections and also discuss using the GPRS-related commands like +CGQREQ and ^sgauth=.

How to set Today wallpapers/create TSK task files. I also discuss where .TSK files can be placed on a storage card.

A lot of misc subjects, mainly revolving around VGA and the iPAQ hx4700

Installing and using Total Commander with the WinCE FS plug-in to access the file system of Pocket PC's

Getting rid of the default PIE favorites (they also show up in!)

Sinus generators, frequency analyzers etc. for the PPC platform

iPAQ 38xx - is it worth it now, April/May 2005?. Alternative thread:

Getting a wall (aka factory) charger for your iPAQ - what should you pay attention to?

Which VGA device for me? Link collection. An alternative thread here

My opinions on and why I don't recommend it at all for PDA newbies

How do I encrypt my files?

E-readers: Palm or Pocket PC? Also, here are some of my remarks on the different e-book reading capabilities of some (mainly the PL720 and the iPAQ hx4700) PPC's.

Why do I only have 977 Mbytes free on an 1 Gbyte memory card?

What video player/encoder program should I use on the Pocket PC?

Why can't sometimes USB chargers 'kick in' the charging of your battery? Everything you wanted to know about USB charging. (Check out the links I've provided there!)

My review of MHT Viewer 1.0 from Qusnetsoft

CF GSM/GPRS cards - are they any good? The short answer: nope.

Help! I've deleted a link/some ROM link is missing from my Start menu/Programs! What should I do?

Help! I've smashed my touchscreen! Can I use my PDA with an external keyboard/mouse combo?

A very easy way of switching proxy/VPN settings before connecting to any kind of network. It also contains a lot of insider info on how the Connectivity-related part of Registry is built up. Alternative thread here. This hack is a MUST if you want to easily (with just one tap on Today) change your proxy configuration and has never ever been published before.

Help me to decide for a VGA device!

Another help me to decide-thread. Remote controllers (both infrared and media), CIR (discussing hardware infrared boosters) etc.

My quick review of hitchhiker (a Wi-Fi wardriving/public hotspot connection tool) from Kasuei

How should I play G.711 uLaw sound files? Also: the advantages of the free BetaPlayer over other, even commercial players.

Can I listen to 911 SCANNER?

How do I disable WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration)?

How should I correct errors on my storage cards?

Alternative here.

What (perferably batch-enabled) command shells are available for the Pocket PC?. A comparison of PPC Command Shell, PocketCMD and PocketDOS. Alternative here.

How do I read Chinese/Japanese stuff on my PDA?

How do I search in Web pages?

Initial battery charging

How should I set a Today wallpaper? What desktop tools are there for resizing/downsampling images?

After resetting my PDA, I have some error dialogs complaining about missing files. What should I do?

Is there any point in using more-than-16 bit screens with today's PDA's? Genuine screen shots from me.

What's the best SNES emulator for the PPC, and where can I download SNES (and other old) console ROMs from? Also, which is the best link collection of Pocket PC emulators?

The main memory of my hx4700 is full. What should I do?

Recommend a good game controller to me!

How WM2003 and WM2003SE store and use font size information? How fonts in ozVGA work? Alternatives here, here, here. Also, here is another OzVGA-related thread with related, font size-specific discussion.

Should I prefer SD or CF?

Where does the PPC Registry store button mapping info and why should I pay attention to it?

Gphone - the only real BT/Wi-Fi ad-hoc/P2P, free chatter/VoIP/file transfer app! It's a must! I also link information on installing the Bluesoleil BT stack on the I-Mate JAM (HTC Magician).

I need to know the pinouts of my PDA! Help!

Help! An app keeps creating LOG files in my \My Documents! What should I do? I also elaborate on the File Changer Dialog from Mad Programmer and what apps are creating install-time files in there.

Making PocketGoo work under WM2003SE

A review of Adventurer - The Island Chronicles from Pocket Adventures

Help! A standard Settings icon (in the thread: Buttons) has disappeared! What should I do?

How do I change the icons of files/folders?

Help! How do I change the battery in my Asus A620(BT)?

How do I extract files from ActiveSync .stg backup files?

Help! Much as I have internet connection and Pocket Inbox/Messenger works, Pocket Internet Explorer won't load Web pages! What should I do?

Tell me some games utilizing the VGA screen!

How do I remove the recently used program icons/names from the Start menu?

Help! How do I run Midlets on my Pocket PC?

How do I enable using IrDA communication with pre-3.0 Windows CE devices? (Even with WinCE 1.0 ones?)

iPAQ hx4700 1.10 ROM upgrade made much easier - a must for everyone that wants to upgrade his/her hx4700 to ROM version 1.10 and doesn't want to reinstall his/her stuff after the upgrade. Alternative here.

Are VGA devices indeed slower than QVGA devices? vs. sKWEEZER - a lot of new info on Skweezer!

My remarks on communication compression techniques ( etc)

Combatting the battery problem of the HP BT keyboard

FAT12 vs 16 vs 32, various flash card formatting options and apps

What is the 'file overwrite' dialog box I am shown upon installing some Pocket PC programs? What should I answer to the question - Yes, No or Cancel?

Running Java programs under JEODE

Using terminal connection windows, the Extra dial-string modem commands and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Unimodem\Init\2 for supplying modem initialization scripts on the Pocket PC - everything you wanted to know about the terminal windows and additional registry hacks

Play .3gp videos on Pocket PC's

Which is a better gaming platform, the Palm or the PPC?

Image viewers and hardware buttons

Is 128M RAM important? Alternative here

What's the difference between ROM- and RAM-based upgrades? Do they get deleted after a hard reset?

How do I emulate the PPC under Windows? Are there any PPC emulators that make it possible to run Pocket PC programs under Windows?

What desktop-based controller applications are available for the Pocket PC?

How does the built-in Pocket Inbox/Messaging client store mail headers and bodies?

On-line bandwidth saver services for web browser users. Also linked from this PPCMag article.

Relocating Jeode (1.7.3) to a storage card - a must for Jeode users!

Where's my memory gone ? - with a lot of advice on relocating apps, SE_VGA, the ThinkOutside StowAway drivers, MS Reader etc.

How do I play MSDN WebCasts on my Pocket PC? - a complete description of the file structure

Help! My touch screen has effectively died after I've put on a screen protector!

And additional review of MicroOLAP Technologies CHM eBook Reader v2.4

Help! I can no longer set any password on my PDA! - also, a generic overview on how Control applets are disabled/enabled in the Registry.

What BT Hi-Fi headphones are available?

How do I set up and use Bluetooth to stream media files to my PDA from my dekstop computer? - a very nice tutorial for pre-SP2 devices. Also explains configuring NetUse and the Pocket File Explorer \NETWORK display hack.

How do I open big CHM files? CHM eBook Reader 2.4 doesn't want to open it.

Help! How do I get rid of the "Press OK to continue loading the content of this page" message in WM2003SE PIE?

Can I share my Internet connection on my Pocket PC?

Help! I've installed the transcriber_WWE_15.exe file available at the Microsoft site! How should I get rid of it without a hard reset? - a complete tutorial.

How can I listen to/watch streamed multimedia on my Pocket PC?

A review of the PPC version of Card Export

How do I use my I-Mate (HTC Magician, Jam, Mini etc) as a dial-up modem with my desktop/notebook computer?

Compiling/editing Java on the PPC - genuine hacks from me! It even made to the PPCT main page as a piece of developer news :)
Extensive info on CrEme, Jeode, IBM J9 PJ and NetFront PJ hackability.

How do I make PIE pretend to be the desktop version of IE 5.5?

I've compared the Palm OS-based funnBOOK and funnSMS to PPC-based mobile phone handler apps.

How do I delete locked EXE files from \Windows\Startup?

How about gamepads? Are there BT gamepads? - links to Chainpus BGP100 Bluetooth Gamepad reviews etc.

My quick comparison of the available, PPC-based registry editors

A Quick Review of XnView Pocket 1.31 - it has also made to the PPCT main page ;)

How do I make self-standing registry import files, which don't require any kind of external registry editors for import?

Which mobile platform should I choose for serious Java development?

How do I get extensive system information (including the ID of the CPU) on a Pocket PC?

Move "My Documents">How can I move the directory "\My Documents" to a storage card?

How do I create/add Today themes/set the Today background?

The built-in phone handler app in my device (for example, a hx4700) only seem to know few mobile phones. Does this mean I will be unable to use other mobile phones with my PDA?

How do I recompress/resize my images on the Pocket PC?

How can I play .mov (QuickTime) videos on my PPC?

How do I use iPAQ Backup?

How do I change file associations?

Extracting embedded sound (WAV) files from Pocket Notes (PWI) files Please note that this thread also contains the native PC/Pocket PC version!

Create your own custom word dictionary - a working, free solution It also has a tutorial on downloading, installing and using desktop Java Runtime Environments (JRE's).

A new bug I've just discovered affecting all NetFront versions. It also has a test HTTP server simulator written in Java and compatible with PPC JVM's to test cookie expiring dates, along with PPC-based Java JVM compatibility info.

Using Java on the Pocket PC - the complete tutorial; alternatives: FirstLoox, PPCMag, BrightHand
An alternative mostly on applets.

How do I hide the on-screen keyboard? an introduction to the PHM External Keyboard PowerToy. Essential for external keyboard users!

What Diff utils are available on the PC? How do I track registry changes?

My custom dictionaries, not only for English speakers

Thunderhawk 2.1 has better JavaScript support than even NetFront 3.2 - I've tested the JavaScript capabilities of the three major PPC internet browsers (PIE/WM2003SE, NetFront 3.2 and Thunderhawk 2.1) with the online plain HTML + JS-based chess game at

Java support in Thunderhawk 2.1 scrutinized

Can I just insert a memory card full of previously installed PPC applications into my brand new PDA - will these games/apps work?

A quick review & FTP benchmarks of Total Commander 2.0

Netfront 3.2 - is it worth buying it? (My post with the links is on the fourth page) Alternative here.

Dweller 0.1 - a new way of downloading and installing programs - a quick review
- it also made to the PPCT frontpage :)

Some info on Jacek Rutkowski, the guy behind

Help! I'm unable to access network shares via my ActiveSync connection! What have I done wrong?

How can I play multimedia files on my local network shares without transferring them to my PDA first?

Help! I can't delete a given file! Whay should I do? Alternative here.

Help! I can't delete my additional font files from \Windows[\Fonts]! What should I do? Also with some practical info on Fonts on Storage.

VGA & Pocket Internet Explorer Pixel Doubling Explained - another PPCT front page article :)

How should I browse the web with PIE over Work connections? How can I switch between "The Internet" and "Work" with Wi-Fi connections?

Help! How do I configure dial-up connections over Bluetooth with my Verizon-Motorola V710?

What should I choose - Microdrives or flash ROM?

Another thread on dyncompdict.dat and related questions.

Help! Micromedex a medical software program insists on putting the 10MB of databases in the main memory. How do I relocate this database to a storage card to free up memory?

Does the reduced number of available writing cycles mean my flash memory cards will become useless after a year or two? Also, some info on the iPAQ rx3715 File Store problems.

Another thread on program relocation to alternative storage media

Everytime I turn my PDA it tries to connect to the internet. What should I do? - a generic overview of exporting the DB_notify_events system database.

At last - the native PC / Pocket PC version of my PWI embedded sound extractor with public sources!
Alternatives here and here

Some new shoot'm'ups - a quick comparison and review

Relocating CalliGrapher from the main memory - free up 1.2Mbytes!. It also has a lot of information on modifying the System Path. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, PocketMatrix.

How do I display the weekday on the Today screen?

Is it possible to change the font used in WM2003/WM2003SE Pocket Internet Explorer?

How many bits are SD cards using to communicate? 1? 4? 8? 16?

Some new information on the Java compliance of PPC Web browsers (5/07/2005). Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, PPCT

Hacking the three remote ActiveSync applications out of main memory


How can I get rid of the annoying Wi-Fi connection messages?

Saving images/resources/complete pages in PPC-based browsers.

Why do I need to charge the spare battery I've just purchased before I use it? It contains additional information on why spare batteries are sold "only" at 40-50% charging level.

Are current Windows Mobile op. systems as prone to crashing as Windows 3.x? I've also discussed a lot of computing buzzwords like pre-emptive multitasking here.

The worst/best handhelds. What Palm/Pocket PC handhelds are duds? Also, Palm vs PC.

Good screen locker/off and hardware button extender applications

PPC for audio recording

Reducing the main memory footprint of the Stowaway keyboard driver. Alternatives: PPCT, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Accessing the Pocket PC on a PC - comparing Pocket Controller, dotPocket and ActiveSync Remote Display. Another Pocket PC Thoughts frontpage ;). Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Can I use video conference apps on my PDA?

Help! How should I start programming the Pocket PC?


Help! When I've reinserted my memory card into my PDA, the programs can't be found on it any more! What sould I do? (answer posted at Tue Jul 19, 2005 10:33 am)

The S-E k7x0i has always caused a lot of problems, Dial-Up Networking-wise. Here's the solution.


What converters do I need to use external microphones with my PDA's that have a mic-in in the headphones jacket?

Does my iPAQ hx470x have 55, 64 or 135 MByte RAM? Also, I'm having memory shortage problems. What should I do?

How do I edit multiline (REG_MULTI_SZ) values? Which Regisry Editor should I use for this purpose?

Relocating (part of) Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 to the File Store. Alternatives: PPCT, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\init isn't cleaned up by mCube's SafeMode and the Safe Mode of Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 - my article on the problem I've discovered. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Why are the icons of the ActiveSync mailbox greyed out, while those of the other mailboxes are enabled?


After uninstalling Platform4Player from the device, I was unable to open any mp3 files directly in File Explorer anymore. What should I do? - this concerns all the mp3 file association problems!

Help! How do I access my Hotmail account in my Pocket Inbox/Messaging client?

Help! Yahoo Mail seem to require IE6! How do I use it on my PDA?

I've copied my task (tsk) files from \Windows to \My Documents on my storage card. The Today applet can't seen them, contrary to what I've been told. What is the problem? - a lot of useful info on ignore_my_docs.


Help! I have lots of Palm files with the extension PDB! What should I use to access them?

Converting & Watching movies

Mad Programmer's File Dialog Changer, killer of CabInstl - a real must! Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand, PocketMatrix

Making screenshots of the Pocket PC. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ (made to Sticky in the Applications forum!), AximSite, PPCT, FirstLoox, BrightHand, PocketMatrix

Help me with cleaning up my Pocket PC! I have literally tons of 3rd party files in \Windows! First, how do I create a directory list of them? - a discussion of using dir /s >somefilename with "PPC Command Shell" and some examples of programs that create tens of useless files in \Windows.


How do I increase the text body font size of Pocket Inbox under WM2003? Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT, BrightHand

Help! I keep getting the Cannot find 'ShowBmp' (or one of its components)....... messages - what should I do?


Thanks goes to Menneisyys - do I need to comment this thread? ;)

How can I selectively backup/restore databases on my iPAQ?

Scripting on the Pocket PC - nscripts vs MortRunner vs PPC consoles, with a registry read/conditional write example. Please scroll down for the second part of my article posted at around 18PM CET! Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand, PocketMatrix


Programming the Pocket PC - entirely PPC (not desktop)-based solutions. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand.

Where should I put my themes on my storage card?

Help me with restoring stuff on my Casio Cassiopeia E-125!


Can you activate/deactivate Today plug-ins from nscript? - some system-level explanations and other examples of using nScriptm. See my third big post.

Do leftover registry entries/DLL's have any effect on performance/stability? - here, in addition to some technical, low-level explanation, I also promise compiling a list of DLL's and other stuff copied to \Windows. Stay tuned :)

Easy switching between the desktop and PDA identification of PIE; a bug found in MultiIE - How do I hide my identity (my IP or the fact that I'm using a PDA) while browsing the web? How do I make PIE pretend to be a desktop browser, and, how can I easily switch back to be identified as a PDA-based web browser? Also, do I really need to reset my device while doing switching the way MultiIE does? Alternatives: PPCT, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Downloading binary files off the Web on the Pocket PC - tips and tricks (and saving HTML pages that would otherwise not be savable). Alternatives: PPCT, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

How can I programmatically change the current date on the PDA?

Minimo 007 - first thoughts Alternatives: PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Some relocation-related questions again

The Menneisyys Files - another 'no comment' thread ;)

Fine-tune your memory consumption - relocating uninstall/update-time stuff. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, PPCT

Help! I can access the Net from Pocket Internet Explorer, but not from Messaging, the e-mail client!

Managed to relocate the SPP Today Plug-in DLL to the File Store too! :) - a must if you have Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 and want to free up RAM! Alternatives: PPCT, AximSite, PPC Magazine, iPAQ HQ, BrightHand


How do I delete my appointments/tasks/contacts as easily as possible?


Ever wondered why some of the Web pages saved with MultiIE or Spb Pocket Plus are completely unreadable? Alternatives: PPCT, AximSite, PPC Magazine, iPAQ HQ, FirstLoox

Pocket PC Web browsers - the complete roundup. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ (sticky!), AximSite, PPC Magazine, PPCT (frontpage!), BrightHand, PocketMatrix

Help! I'm having problems installing Microsoft Cubicle Chaos on my PPC! What should I do?

And yes, another memory-related thread.

Can I run desktop Windows versions on my Pocket PC?

Relocating Pocket Informant entirely (!) from the main memory. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

How do I import my Yahoo contacts into my desktop Ooutlook Express and/or Outlook? A full tutorial. I also scrutinize the local desktop client that synchronizes the Yahoo address book with either the desktop or even PDA address books.


Saving precious communication bandwidth using compression - it's already linked from my "On-line bandwidth saver services for web browser users" article. Still, I link it because I've just added a new section on the latest Toonel client and its JVM benchmarks.


Some remarks on the main memory usage of AirScanner

Problems with Qbrowser v0.62, a very simple, but tabbed Web browser

May I kill the process named 'Desktop'?

How do I access the applet at the Internet bank ? Some new stuff on the Java capabilities of PPC browsers and prolly a new NF 3.2 bug just discovered.

Why do all links to apps installed on my storage card(s) become invalid all of a sudden?? My card is working perfectly OK and all my programs are visible in a card reader! - a common error on PPC's.


Do PPC Web browsers interfere in my previously-defined connections? Will I have problems with my working Wi-Fi connection if I install a new browser (plug-in)?

Does the Fujitsu-Siemens PL720 have a more fragile screen than other PDA's? Definitely NOT!


Warning to all WM2003+ Pocket Word users Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

A roundup of some adventure games Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand, PocketMatrix

Is there any point in defragmenting my memory cards/RAM?


Reducing Internet bandwidth usage on the Pocket PC - A complete roundup & comparison of Toonel, OnSpeed, Skweezer, WebWarper and the like - another BIG hit! A REAL MUST! Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


I've spotted another (minor) bug in the CrEme JVM's. Read the above-linked "Some new information on the Java compliance of PPC Web browsers (5/07/2005)." and "Using Java on the Pocket PC - the complete tutorial" threads.

You may want to re-read the 'Accessing the Pocket PC on a PC - comparing Pocket Controller, dotPocket and ActiveSync Remote Display. Another Pocket PC Thoughts frontpage ;).' thread(s) above for new information on the video acceleration of the SOTI Pocket Controller. I've even written an app to measure this objectively - you may find my app (sources included!) also very useful!

A roundup of generic cleaning utilities - SKTools, MemMaid, Space Reclaimer, Pocket Mechanic, Power Clean (in Battery Pack Pro) and FastCleanup Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Everything you wanted to know about Today backgrounds / themes Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

08/23/2005: (sorry, much as I have posted several posts of interest (particularly into the PPCMag forum), I haven't linked them.

Give Caesar What Belongs to Caesar - I like this, especially when guys like ctitanic, author of tweaks2k2 use it when referring to my work ;)

Mobile phone handler apps - the definitive roundup Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Can I play Handango/Handmark Monopoly over BT?

Are there any hacking tools for the Pocket PC?

Added a review of WebToGo 2.2 and made some other changes to the mobile phone handler app roundup posted yesterday.

Which is faster: USB 1.0-based ActiveSync or Bluetooth?


How can I remove locked DLL's?

Relocating connect2internet Pro 3.x from the main memory - free up over 2 Mbytes! Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox

Help! I can't synchornize! Still, how could I import my contacts into my PDA? - an extensive coverage/example of the SKTools system DB XML file format; I also list the Contacts Database ID's.


Everything you wanted to know about GPRS connection setup utilities for PPC's and mobile phones. Yes, another big write-up! Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT, FirstLoox, BrightHand


I'm working hard on my next roundup, this time on infrared remote controller apps. Man, CCF (Pronto) support is so great! Will publish the article hopefully tomorrow, after finishing my tests and writing the article. In th meantime, two of the several compliments I've received today in public: (Of course, if I were managing a site, I'd want to line you up for exclusive distribution rights.) and They [my roundups] are probably THE definitive guides at the moment.... So, stay tuned, the remote controller review will come soon :)


The definitive roundup of all infrared remote controller apps Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Should I delete all files in \Windows\Help, not just the *.htm(l) files from \Windows?

Animated Today themes - where from?

You won't guess - yes, another 'my RAM is full, what should I do' thread.

Where should I post my Nokia/Symbian (S60)-related questions?

What is the easiest/quickest way of determining if an app is installed in the main RAM?

Opera on the Pocket PC - a setup tutorial & quick review Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, BrightHand

What services can be deleted from \Windows\Startup?


What do you need to know about optimizing storage card speed? Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT, FirstLoox ('This guy [Menneisyys] is like living Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy! ' :) ), BrightHand,


What HP Pocket PC should I buy for around $200?

How do I undelete files from a storage card? A tutorial & small roundup.

AvantGo is always causing trouble! What should I do?

Your opinions of 'Battery Pack Pro'?


New bugs found in PIE Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Why is ActiveSync or Settings/System/Remove Programs-based program removal isn't sufficient with many applications?
Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, PPCT, AximSite, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Free up your memory and optimize your Internet access speed - relocate the PIE/NF cache Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPCT (frontpage!), FirstLoox, BrightHand


Yet another relocation-related thread.

Generic remarks on the iPAQ rx3715 and Links Golf's VGA compliance - you will need updated GAPI drivers to run it!

Golf games/simulators on the Pocket PC Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, FirstLoox, BrightHand


NetFront 3.3 review and help (frontpage! Yes, two PPCT frontpages in two days :) ) Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Some help in NetFront-related problems (for example, "why does NetFront seemingly freeze a lot when I install it to the File Store?")

Is it possible to relocate Conduits Peacemaker from the main memory? Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

A (possible?), annoying bug found in Messaging Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


How do I archive Messaging/WebIS Mail mail? Also, how do I access Yahoo via POP3?


How do I redefine system fonts?

Why can't I install the IBM J9 MIDP VM on my PPC PE device? Why can't the NetFront JVM run midlets like Mobile GMaps?

Can I play aacPlus streams on my PDA?


Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 vs the Resco Explorer 2005 Today plug-in. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


How should I access Yahoo Mail on my PDA? Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand

Do CF/SD cards consume a lot of power?

I keep hearing about the ATI video chips' having problems displaying videos. Can you explain?

I elaborate on how you can quickly switch between Bluetooth modems with Dial-Up Networking. Alternatives: BH, PPCT

Help! My PDA doesn't see my Hitachi MicroDrive! What should I do?


Help! I started copying mp3's/other files directly on my 1GByte card; and, after a while, the system reports it's full and nothing can be copied to it! What should I do?

What cables/wall chargers are compatible with my iPAQ?

The Pocket PC compliance of JavaFIBS ( ) - tons of new info on Pocket PC JVM's

Native VGA-users attn: a tutorial on relocating 2 Mbyte SE/ozVGA DLL's from RAM Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand


Two new tricks for NetFront - to get rid of the default non-proportional front and use any User-Agent HTTP header even with the version 3.3 demo.

A major writeup on msim.dll, DLL resource editing etc

What PPC VoIP solutions are available?

What about VGA out SD cards?

VGA demystified - the definitive guide to OzVGA, SE_VGA and everything VGA-related (PPCT frtontpage!) Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite (sticky in both the x50/x51 forum and in the Tips and Tricks forum), PPC Magazine, FirstLoox (the comments are worth reading ;), BrightHand


Help! Whenever I try to connect to GPRS, a country/area code is inserted in front of the number! What should I do?

Everything you wanted to know about the built-in Pocket PC spellchecker/word completion dictionaries. Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand
(A spiced-up version of Install a Word spellcheck dictionary of any language on your PPC; Alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand.)

"Menneisyys apreciation thread" - no comment :)


How can I use a PDA with a broken screen?